Everyone knows Mecca is ultimate Hajj destination, but tell me: are there others, officially? For instance, Dome of the Rock Jerusalem, is considered sacred. Thanks. -- JA

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we belive that there are only three mosques that you may take a journey to visit dome of the rock the ka'ba and masjid alnabawi (the prophets mosque) the reason is because all mosques are created equally and are seen equally in the eyes of god so it would be foolish for you to buy a ticket to go specifically to a mosque lets say in dubai even though in worldly standerds the mosque may seem the best mosqe architeturally made in the sight of allah it is as equal as the mosque around the corner from your house so the mosque in mecca is the most sacred then i dont know about the other two which comes first but they come next but every other mosque are equal so yes they are all sacred but these three are the most sacred and the rest are of equal holliness.

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