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About Sharia?

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It is a good question, why is it that we need sharia when we can reach our destination differently? Well Allah is the One who created mankind and He knows what is good for them and bad for them and that is why Allah says, [And follow what is revealed to you, [O Muhammad], and be patient until Allah will judge. And He is the best of judges] [10 v109] Allah says here, [And He is the best of judges] meaning only Allah Has the right to rule and His ruling is best and perfect, meaning no Muslim is allow to take any other path then the sharia which is the ruling of Allah, therefore, to take any other path and to leave sharia one is saying the path he took is better then sharia which is the ruling of Allah the judgment of Allah, the legislation of Allah, and one who does this should ask himself what makes a Muslim different then the Disbelievers.

And also Allah says, [And not associate in the worship of his Lord anyone] [18-110] so we see here Allah says never to associate in His worship with anyone and how do we recognize when one associates anyone else with Allah, well Allah tells us and says, [And not associate in His legislation with anyone] [18-26] to mean the only path that will make us recognize is to follow what He Has sent down to His messenger, for example the rulings of a prayer which Allah has legislates upon His slaves and the conditions that are needed to fulfill the testimony of becoming a Muslim and to know what He likes and dislikes and all the rest of worship that are needed, therefore, this shows us that the only way we can worship Allah correctly is through His legislations and if one says that is not correct then we ask him who legislated the ‘Salah’ prayer? And who put all these conditions of the testimony and legislated for it? I think it is very clear why we all need the sharia all thou the Muslim at this age do not fully implement the sharia.

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The answer is no we do not need it, why?, well the answer to that is, with Allah anything is possible.

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