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Please i would like to know a pregnant woman who could not fast the whole month of RAMADAN how can she pay that? or is there any sacrify she can do like feeding pour in place of her fasting?

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From Abdullah bin 'Umar: Allah's Messenger said: "O women! Charitable bulk amongst you and ask for forgiveness. I see more women who become the dwellers of Hell. "A woman smart enough of them asked:" O Prophet, why do we women more the dwellers of Hell? "The Messenger of Allah said:" You have condemned and rejected many husbands . I have seen none lacking in common sense and religious robbing the mind, besides you. She said: "O Prophet! What is common sense and with religion? "He said:" Your lack of common sense that the testimony of two women equal to one man. This is what our common sense. Similarly, women do not establish regular prayers at night, in which you fast during Ramadan because of menstruation. , That is a lack of religion " (Muslim)


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wa aleykum salaam,

She fasts, (from my personal idea)my wife do fasts and she stated that she felt better in strength but when she felt any need for breaking she does and that she jot down to pay those days. As for encouraging I ask husbands to observe fast with their wife this will increase your love affection. (Ina Lllah Maa !! Mutawakiliin)

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my sisters is very healthy the docter did approve her decition but the main point is that you cannot pay instead of you fast you must make it up

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pregnant women are like ill people about this judgement.she has to seem a muslim doctor and act with this doctor's statement.

ıf while she fast,her or baby's helthy hurt,she does not fast.after Ramazan she pays this debt.ıf there is not a station like this she can fast.

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my mother fasted the whole ramadan when she was pregnant with my little sister the only day she didnt was the day she had her she was giving birth and there was about half an hour untill it was time to break her fast but she decided that she couldnt have been fasting anymore since she gave birth then she broke her fast and the week after tht eventy since she had to breastfeed but she made up her fast the only case that you may pay is when fasting harms you for example there is a pill you must take at a certain time and without it it may cause your body very much harm or you faint evry time you attemt to fast which i do know somone who this happened to so its bet to try as long as you can fasting then make it up by the end of the year it wont be difficult to make up your fasts

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I think she should do qada siyamu pay it as dept since pregnancy is not a serious sickness that can't be cured

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