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Salam Aleikum,bro/sisters of Islam,i'm a muslim,i normaly imagine what type of language is christian saying,when they said they are speaking in tongue or posses by the holy spirit,did Prophet Isah (a.s) son of Mariam,speak in tongue or posses by the holy spirit too,during his own time of delivering the massage of Allah? Or is it just another lies brought up by nowadays christians. Please explain these in Islamic view

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U know people say things because there are many false teachers. If someone goes around and say their possessed by the Holy Spirit, then they don´t understand the Holy Spirit. For without the Holy Spirit there can not be any truth, without the Holy Spirit there can not be any wisdom. But to go around and say they are possessed by the Holy Spirit just because they talk sloppy is just to ignore. People don´t understand, if they could they would have seen how to behave. For God wants U to talk properly and be good. Let God be God. The Holy Spirit, the Father and son are God in one Word, Love, Life

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Did Prophet Isah (a.s) speak in tongue too?

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Isa allahi Salam. Spoke Aramaic as far as I understand. Now speaking in tongue comes from Pentecost. Are you familiar with this because if not then I'd do the research and this is all from the bible (translated) which means its misleading. I as far as my knowledge think this is a waste of your time. Salam

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Thank you sadie,may Allah increases you in knowledge,because it surprises me when the christians arround me,are speaking in language that doesn't have meaning to me,i even imagine it sometimes if they do even understand the language too.

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Gabriel is that not Djibril in Arabic/Islamic or something?

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Yes, Gabriel is Djibril.

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Ohh.. Then I have to tell you this. You know what Djibril stands for?

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The Holy spirit(er-rouh eq-Qodous) is the angel Gabriel peace be upon him. He was the messenger of Allah from angels to the messengers of Allah from Human. He reveal(wahy) to the prophets/messengers whatever Allah willed. including Jesus/Isa and Muhammad peace be upon them.. the Quran itself is a revelation because it was from Allah to Gabriel to Muhammad. So by the idea of Christians, then actually muslims when the read Quran they are talking with the holy spirit.

beside that Jesus especially was born from a virgin mother without any male interference. and Gabriel was the one who blew the spirit of Jesus into Mary's womb, pbut. (God created us all from male and female, but he also showed us his ability in breaking that rule, because his able on doing anything, so he created Adam without male nor female.. and Eve from male and no female.. and Jesus from female without male.. so we do not rely/incline to the reasons but to the Creator of these reasons.)

and Allah knows better than me.

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