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someone i know met a guy on facebook and fell in love. they then met up several times and wanted to get married as they didn't want to commit zina and please Allah . The girl or boy did not tell their families as they were afraid. The girl is 16 years old and the guy is 20 and they got married. This was done in the presence of 2 witnesses however the parents were not there and they were not aware of it. Is this marriage accepted?

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Salam Sister

No it is not accepted

because a marriage without a wali (father) is batil ( Disliked, wretched with sin etc,)

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Keep im mind here in q&a its best to provide proofs with you answers. Keep up the good work:). Salam

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1. Seeing woman or girl on street while you walk is a sin. you have to lower your gaze and see down. Seeing first time and ignoring and turning your face/head other side is the thing you have to do. this is what thought in our islam. And if you do that you will find one kind of sweetness in your prayers, which is gift of Allah s.a.w. this is what Allah wale are gifted. Even women and girls have to wear hijab to cover their faces and body to avoid men to see at them. therefore my dear brother now you see where is you? take a jayaza (frame) on yourself and see. 2. Islam doesn't permit even to see non mahram women or girls either in live, tv, photos, internet/fb, films, tags etc.

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