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my problem is i have been into dominant women lately and i like to get used and abused by women, and be inflicted with pain is what i like. I spend a lot of my money on them just for them to use and i gain satisfaction in this even though i'm not rich but a normal working man. I don't feel i will gain satisfaction in having a sexual intercourse with them.

I want to settle down, get married and live like every other human out there. My younger brother got married yesterday alhamdulillah and i didn't attend the wedding, just because people will ask when are you getting married. I have no answer for them but to say pray for me inshaallah one day. I want to get married but i can't. Please help me

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Salam Brother

Well the first thing to break that habit so I suggest reading the quran to take the temptations off you and pray salah etc.

Making Dua for marriage ask Allah to give inshallah a beautiful wife and let destiny take its course.

Inshallah May Allah help you gain a successful marriage :)

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