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hi i am 34 year old i am disable (i am deaf) we married in 2009 i converted for him religion. there was happened we separated since 2012 i really love my husband. i am sad i have lot of problem with him when i become sick that caused my disturbing behavior burden my husband's life. i have thyroid that when i wasnt know about thyroid my old doctor wasnt good communicated with me til after my husband left me i went to my new doctor, she explained me a lot of my sickness i learned and realize how much happened i have done in past my relationship with my husband i research couple's stories who have thyroid that same our situation some they divorced and some they are staying for supporting and love for who sick. i want to my husband understand what happened i become sick. but he back home his country in turkey. and family learned he was married so they force him to divorce me he does love me but he took his family's order. that hurt me a lot. i tried to tell him millions how much i am sorry i caused him hurt for my sickness changed me. i still love him so much i dont give up on my love. but he seemed give up for his family's sake. that was right thing for family to have right control for who married?i wasnt trying to against them i want to his family like me. i want to tell them how much i am really sorry for caused my husband problem. i pray to Allah many times for forgive me. i still love him.

and also he left me without sign divorce we married two time city hall and mosque in ny that mean i am still legalized married? i told my husband i am not the one wanted divorce that his family wanted to make him decision for them.

he doesnt understand enough about how much i love him, i become sick he blame me for past i have that caused my disturbing behavior burden my husband's life. that really hurts me a lot. i begged him to communicate and make peace for new future he said he sees in future for no us. but i see in future for us with health.

have u experience with in law family who wanted to divorce u how can u make them understand about happened problem or let them win for get husband leave marriage? i know family is more important for him. i want to forgive, love and happy. i pray to Allah for everything i have done. i am still hurt. but i feel like i am bad wife, bad person and bad sickness? i should be deserve to hurt that i hurt him and let family take my husband away from me?

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Salam Sister

I would try to explain to your husbands family that you and your husband still love each other.

That you feel pain without him tell him and his family all that you feel.

And tell them how you plan to make a new future with your husband. Tell them to let their own son to make his choice being with you.

You are not a bad wife you still stay with your husband you do not give up and to me that is amazing :D

May Allah grant you success to getting your husband back inshallah :)

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that means me lot i feel lonely i have nobody to talk. i wish u could try explain, maybe it wont work. i tried many times he shut me down and ignored my emails. he wont let me talk to him and his family they hate me. they re speaking in turkish. i really love him so much. i pray for him many times, hurting me so much. u did wrote me another my post abt am i still legalized married. i try to be strong. i am weak in so painful about him and his family. i wish i've never done in past i became sick i did bad in past. i wld like to kit with you abt islam. thnx u 4 write me so much, Allah bless you.

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