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I am sixteen and I really want to start wearing the hijab (headscarf). I told my parents and at fist they told me its my choice but last night we had this "discussion" thing and they started telling me about all the hardships that come with it, which I understand. But they are mostly worried about me because i am extremely shy (I only really talk to people I have known for a long time). Their scared that people are going to say things to me and I won't be able to defend myself. They also think I will become even more self-concious then I already am because people will be looking at me more. They are also worried about my life in the future because we know this girl that wears hijab and because she does she keeps getting refused when she goes for job interviews. I have been thinking about this for about a year and a half and this summer I finally came to the conclusion that I want to wear it. I don't care what other people think, this is my religion and i can do what I want. I want to please Allah. Please help, I don't know what to do. I thought my parents would support me and cheer me on but they have disappointed me. I know I have the right to not listen to them if they are telling me something that is against Islam but I also do not want to start with them being worried and scared about me.

P.S. I was born muslim. My family is very religious (pray five times a day, fast etc...)

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WA alaykum asalaam:) masha'allah sister embracing the hijab is a beautiful thing. Where you live is mainly the cause of issues but there isn't anything Allah can't help you with for he is the best of helpers! Im a revert and my mom would have scary dreams about me . When I started to wear shariah hijab/ khimar. Older men mostly give me problems. I live in USA. The job issue you'll have to also put your trust in Allah. For we know that he wants you to cover so in doing something to please he will help you sister. Your parents are afraid yes understand this bit they need to be reminded. And you need to let them know to support you 100%. Also does your mom cover? If not she also needs too! In sha Allah you'll see everything will be okay. Salam

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My parents main problem with me starting is that because i'm extremely shy they don't think I'll be able to defend myself if anyone says anything and so their worried about me. They're are saying that I should take more time to think it through because its not easy and once you've made the commitment there's no turning back. And no, my mom does not cover although she knows she needs to and really wants to; she has tried many times before but just could not do it and is hoping to one day start forever. Thank You very much for your advice, it was really sweet of you :)

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The problem with this is your (and ur parents) are fearing others. And not fearing Allah. Its fard to cover.

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I know it is fard to cover almost every muslim knows that but its just that my mom has actually gone into depression because of me and I don't want her to always be worried about me but at the same time i want to do whats right.

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Im sorry to hear that your moms in a bad case. In sha Allah she will become better. I will make duaa for you and her to wear hijab. Sister truly there isn't an excuse worthy enough to not obey Allah subhanahu WA ta'ala. Salam.

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I am not a muslim, but my husband is. From our talks this is what I would say in your case: your Prophet and his followers, like Jesus too, suffered a lot of hardships for their faith. They said: I am muslim/christian, even if they knew they would be humiliated or tortured. So, it means they have suffered for nothing if us, now, cannot stand for what we believe in. Our Lord sees us. He must be pleased, not the humans around us. The one who suffers for Him will have a special place in the afterlife, I am sure...

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Thank You for your help! :) Please pray for me

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