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just like times I should pray, some common prayers if there are things like that, a bit about the holidays, the attire, and very stern rules

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Asalaamu alaykum. First we have to establish your testimony of faith (shahadah). Do you believe that there is no allah save (except) Allah? And that Muhammad (sallallahu allahi WA Salam) is the messanger of Allah? Then you take your shahadah. Any Muslim can help you to do this like me or any Muslim on this site. You may also go to your local mosque and say you want to embrace Islam and take the shahadah. now practicing Islam and becoming a practicing Muslim takes step by step. The first thing I would do is learn prayer. This will also call for assistance. I can help you id be more than happy . There are 5 obligatory prayers you must pray everyday. Morning ,noon, afternoon,evening,night. Now these times change a little everyday so websites assist you with prayer times. You will learn how yo perform the prayer and speak the verses of the Qur'an in Arabic for your prayer. Don't get overwhelmed one step at a time. Im just giving you a run down and trying to answer your questions. Okay the 5 pillars of Islam are testimony of faith, prayer,fasting,charity,and pilgrimage. Now the first two I've ran over already. Attire depends on if your female or male. The aurah the parts of the body you cover on a female is all but hands and face. And on males I believe is from navel to knee or ankle I need to get back to you on that. Okay now stern rules you would learn. But some basics are forbidden things such as intoxicants, blood, swine, dead meat. Also forbidden is sex without marriage, dating ECT. No mixing of the sexes. Things like that. Im going to stop there as im not sure what you know and what you understand. I wait for your reply. Salam.

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Al salamou alaikum (peace upon you). Elhamdoulellah (all praisings are to Allah) who guided you to the Islam.

As you know, Islam is based on five; 1) Witnessing(shahada) that; (i witness that) there is no deity except Allah, and (i witness that) Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. "(Ash-hadou anna) laa ilaha illa Allah, wa (ash-hadou anna) Muhammadan Rasoul-Allah." and since mentioning this with your tongue after your heart believed it you are considered a Muslim. (congratulation:) )

2) Establishing the Prayer; there is obligatory/must prayers on every muslim, which are five times per day, and there is extra prayers(muslim will not be questioned/punished if he do not pray them). The obligatory/Fard are: Fajr or Sobh (Dawn/morning) =2 rakaat Duhr(noon)= 4 rakaat Asr= 4 rakaat Maghrib(sunset) = 3 rakaat Esha(night) = 4 rakaat.

rakaa that its plurial rakaat is the standing and reading fatiha and bowing/ruku' and prostrating/sujud twice is called one rakaa.. please let me know if you need details about praying) the salah/prayer/connection is starting with saying Allahou Akbar= Allah is greater (greater than anything in this world or in our mind).. and prayer end with salam/greeting/peace to the (angels in) right and left. Before praying we need to be on Wuduu/ablution with water(please let me know if you need information/details about wuduu'. Also someone should be in a clean state from ganaba after intercourse or mense...etc (if so, we first need to take a shower/Ghusl by letting water pass on all the surface of our body. When establishing Salah/prayer we should direct our face/heart to the Qibla/Kaaba.

3) Charity/Zakaa: 2.5% from profits or goods/harvest or wealth that upon which one year passed.

4) Sawm/fasting the lunear/Arabic month of Ramaddan: from dawn till sunset without eating, drinking nor intercourse. (fasting is important to control the ego, not only the desire of the stomach and the private parts but also the eyes and ears and tongue and hands and feet from any haram/unlawful action.

5) Hajj/pilgrimage to the House of Allah(Kaaba) if you were able to find a way to it.

anything that you think is working with your innate-quality is Islamic like kindness and forgiveness and good manners to parents and neighbors and people and all creatures is also Islamic. and anything against like killing or stealing or telling lies or false witnessing or backbite or cheating...etc

Whenever you make mistake or sin because of your weakness return back to Allah by your heart(repent) and ask His forgiveness, it is His character that He is Forgiving and Merciful and He likes the Pardon.

(Adam and Satan both made sin.. but Adam ask Allah's forgiveness and return back closer to Allah's mercy, while Satan chose to go more far from Allah.)

My advise to you is to do/action (to get closer to Allah by your intention) with the little information/knowledge that you knew that it pleases Allah from you.. and Allah will inherit to you the knowledge that you never knew. He will causes the reasons or even without reasons he is able on all things.

Regards and please do not forget me/us in your du'aa(supplication).

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Asalam-u-Alaikum wa Rahmatullah As Brothers above have explained you Five Pillars of Islam. word Islam is derived from root word meaning peace and Muslim is someone who submits his/her will to Allah. Thus when you become a muslim you submit yourself to the Allah Almighy and follow Islam. Islam is not a religion, in the sense ,as a set of dogmas but Islam is a way of life, one has to live the life as islamic way , like if someone removes a stone from the road s/he will be rewarded, if some feeds a morsel of food to his/her spouse s/he will be rewarded for that.Although it may seem that these things have nothing to do with religion but as i mentioned above Islam is a way of life whatever you do in your life, you will be rewarded or punished for that as Allah is All-Knowing and whenever someone who has committed a sin repents with sincerity.Allah says He is All- forgiving.

when you accept islam as your deen than you have to narrate shadah by tongue n heart and you have to perform an obligatory ghusl (bath), and you enter the fold of islam and YOU Become a Muslim. This is the minimum criteria. Now as mentioned above by Brothers there are five pillars of islam, which have been explained by them. and one of the most inportant things you have to take care of is known as Ihsan. Ishan means whenever you do a deed you have to remember that it is as if you are yourself seeing the Allah Almighty and if you cant do it than you must realise the Allah is looking at you. Ihsan will help to do good deeds with great spirituality and stop you immediately from bad deeds. May Almighty Allah shower His blessings on you , on all the human beings muslims or non muslims, on the brothers who are here to help and on me. Ameen.

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Assalamu alaikum,

It is also important to know that you are given forty days after you become a Muslim to learn the basics. Also, once you become a Muslim, all your previous sins are removed, Al-hamdullilah.

May Allah guide you and me.

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