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my dog is showing her lip on side on cheek it show sign "Allah" in Arabic... I know about Allah forbid dogs... but my dog is sign on "Allah". what is something wrong or?

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Assalamu Alaikum my brother or sisster. I guess you are a muslim and I belief you believe that anything to Allah is possible-Allah can do anything he want to do. As the matter of fact I'm doubt about what you said. Becouse Allah in his holly book (Qur'an) at 77:78-79 said 'That is indeed a Qur'an most honorableIn a book (Qur'an) well-guarded which none shall TOUCH but those who are CLEAN'. You are not allow to touch Qur'an except you are clean,but you said your DOG's fur appeared with a word of Allah while your DOG is going to the dirty places point blank. Question: do you think Allah would stop us from placing a portion of Qur'an to dirty places but he himself placed it? Moreover,in a trusted book wrote by Muhd Abdul Ganiyyuo called 'Umdatul ahkam'. There's once hadith in it said 'Muhammad (SAW) said 'if a DOG drank in one of your dishies as a result you should wash it seven times the last one with mould' this hadith showed that DOG is a dirty animal. I believe and every true Muslim most believe Allah should not place his purified name on a dirty animal. Wassalam.

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what makes you think dogs are dirty animals? are dogs dirtier than camels, or cows or sheep? what if she washes her dog.

(Sep 03 '13 at 16:32) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

Hi Mike. How's tricks?

Great you couldn't wait to see me back!

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can't complain.

good to hear you had a great vacation. always good to know there is at least one other person on this site who might not go running screaming if they heard sympathy for the devil come on the radio. don't tell me you have had pet dogs as well? you familar with the hadith when gabriel didn't show up one night, and when muhammad asked him why. he said there was a dog in the house. so muhammad ordered all the house dogs killed. who would have thunk it. angels scared of dogs. ask you son about that one. see what he says.

(Sep 03 '13 at 17:19) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

Glad to see you are well.

I’ve had dogs, and would have another (Alaskan malamute by choice) but my wife doesn’t like them (she’s an atheist, so it’s not a religious matter!). I do have a cat.

I’ve not heard of that particular hadith, but certainly others concerning dogs.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) permitted the keeping of dogs for hunting and for the protection of herds and cultivated land.

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Only stray dogs within Medina and its outskirts were to be killed (to reduce the risk of rabies); and also dogs known to be dangerous (we kill such dogs in the UK!).

At the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) hyenas were also referred to as dogs, and existed in large numbers in Arabia.

By the way, I didn’t see any Jonnie Walker Blue (in any case, this is a whisky for wimps).

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lol. it maybe, i've only had it once myself. guy sitting next to me playing texas holdem won a $1,000 pot. said he would buy me a shoot. i jokingly said johnnie walker blue, it's $40 a shoot. but he insisted. i'm not big on scotch whiskey anyway, american whiskey is best. evan williams is the best value in my opinion.

yeah i've heard about the hyenas before. never heard about the rabies though. you sure that's not the brit in you talking? aren't you guys rabies free on your little island? yeah we got dog catches here too. the human society kills thousands of animals a year, maybe millions?

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here's a couple guys debate on dogs. lots of hadiths. forgot about: From Bukhari

Vol. 7, #390 - Narrated 'Abdullah bin Umar: "I heard the Prophet saying, "If someone keeps a dog neither for hunting, nor for guarding livestock, the reward (for his good deeds) will be reduced by two Qirats per day.

we had a little controversy in minneapolus a couple of years back because the somali cab drivers wouldn't let people at the airport in their cabs if they had dogs.

did you see the ruling in your court were the judge made the woman remove here burqa?

(Sep 04 '13 at 08:47) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image
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The above is correct. Maybe you are just mistaken it for another word unless you can see it point blank which I highly doubt.

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Dog is a detier animal accoding to hadith of Muhammad SAW. I have said it since,take a look to my first answer.

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can't you have dogs for hunting? if you can eat what comes out of a dogs mouth, how dirty can they be? have you ever seen a camel slobber. they are pretty nasty.

(Sep 03 '13 at 17:55) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image
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