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I want to know is Electronic music haram as well as normal music? and I also want to know what should I do if I'm watching a video and there is music in the background or in the beginning?

PS: Electronic music is like Techno or Dubstep.

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No matter what kind of music its Haram. In Islam Music is strictly forbidden. I recommend u dont listen to the music part in your videos and wait after like 10 15 seconds until there INTRO is cleared. Anyway good luck (:

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Thank you for your answer, and I do mot listen to music, I just wanted to make sure that it isn't so I don't have to be so confused. Thank you again for your answer :)

(Sep 01 '13 at 15:29) AllahuAkbar AllahuAkbar's gravatar image

not all music is haram in Islam.. drum/Doff for example is halal. (and it was played in prophet Muhammad's house while Eid/Feast)

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Yeah as corrected by inclined2Truth some music is actually allowed. I forgot to mention that i dont know what kind though but still.

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