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Respected Sir Assalamalaikum, My question is regarding divorce. My husband said on the phone that i want to give you divorce at 12:30 in night and he asked me to check my email. When I checked my email, I found a message from him stating that "I will send you the formal talaqnama either by someone or email”. Then at once he deleted the message because he also knows my ID password. In due course of time I switched off my phone thinking that he might not utter wrong words in anger. But when I switched on my mobile at 12:00 noon next day I found that he already send me the message on phone talaq talaq talaq and allah hafiz at 1:09 at same night i.e. after 30 minutes when I switched off my phone. But till then he also sending me the apology messages saying that ‘I (husband) was in extreme anger and I (husband) was going to delete it but it got send. My (husband) anger was such that nothing was coming into my mind’.

I am also 3 months pregnant. Now my question is whether I am still in nikaah or divorced. Thank You

Waiting for your reply

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Assalamu alaikum,

Sister, you should ask a scholar because I know there a different rulings about anger and the different levels of anger and how they affect divorce.

However, I think that if it is the first time he has said this, you are still married to him; he must divorce you three time. After that, he still provides for you and your child until the child is fully weaned, and (I think) for only the child after.

But it is best to ask a scholar.



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