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salamun alaikum my dear muslims. In our country(Nigeria) we experienced a serious predicament responsible by a sect called BOKO HARAM. The sect claim that there are paracticing JIHAD ( strugle for the sake of Allah ). The sector believe that studying Physics,Geography,Chemiary,Biology,English haram. Also every person who work for gorvement so that he work for haram especially security forces. As a result they used to plant an explosive devices(bombs) at most of the places concern. Moreover they about to kill everyone who attempt to reject they proposal.consequently they among the suspect of Sheik Ja'afar Muhammad Adam's murder-who shoot died while he is saying a fijir prayer on friday. In my society most of my neighbours are christian and they assigned all Muslims as terrorist due to the activities of the sect. I used all what I know in order to get rid of that in they heart but I failed.they used to asked me 'who are Muslim?' when I told them about,they said 'this is exactly the characteristic of the memmbers of that sect so that they are Muslim becouse they pray as you and they reading Qur'an as you also they claim all what they are doing is a comand from the Qur'an' My brothers what is the solution?

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People are not suppose to judge religion by the members or followers of any religion,all human are of two pure inner behaviour,is either you are (good or bad),Allah (swt) never make any religion corrupted,because is the bad people that corrupt and paint most religion black and white. Because there is know sensible person that will take his fellow religion brother or human life. The life you can't give. We all human will be judge by Allah (swt) according to our deeds,in judgement day.

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WA alaykum asalaam. Leading by example of the right way. What Muslims really should do. And by that it isn't anything that contradicts Qur'an and authenticated sunnah. Salam

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Thank you all my brothers muslim for you time.

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Abul rauf; May Allah let your eyes to true.

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don't worry about the fictional veil allah has put over my eyes. even if i have diesease in my heart and allah allows it to grow, i won't go around shooting people because of their religion or lack thereof.

today's news certainly isn't going to help belay the christian's fear of islam.

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[9.5] So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

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the enemy of Islam could not find a way better to fight Islam than creating a group within Islam to fight Islam. May Allah save Nigeria and all Muslims world including Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya...etc

After the idea of Jihadist that America created has succeeded in dividing the Soviet Union, they want to use these same group in dividing and bring the creative chaos to Muslims countries for a new middle east.. job of new world order.. they said that they are fighting terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq but obviously supporting them in Syria and Libya!!!

some groups like Muslim brotherhood are claiming that they want the good of Islam, and to unite the muslims ummah but it is just a lie to gain supporters/fans and use the religion to attract people.. but clearly they are playing the politics dirty game and all they need is the authority for to give all the muslims world as a package weak and destroyed as a slave to enemy of Islam (illuminati/freemasons/CFR...etc)

Thanks to Allah, this evil plan/plot/agenda was brought to Egypt and Muslim brotherhood were leading for one year but Allah let the army be a reason of protecting his religion against the falsehood of such groups.. after they were going to make Egypt fall and divided.. even attack Azhar sheikh who are presenting or carrying the real Islam to the world.

may Allah save all world from the enemy of humanity/good. And may Allah let us see the good as good and provide us its following it, and may He show us the evil as evil and provide us its avoiding it.

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are you saying the illuminati created boko haram? the muslim brotherhood? put assad and ghadafi in charge and are now orchestrating their down fall? so you support assad and did support ghadafi? but not ben ali or mubarack? who is whose puppet in your mind?

"After the idea of Jihadist that America created has succeeded in dividing the Soviet Union" what are you talking about. america supported the mujihadeen in afghanistan, how is that creating the idea of jihadist. so we got the soviets to invade afghanistan so we could bring down "true islam"? or to divide the atheist soviets or both?

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Keep your hair on, Mike!

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does that mean, don't pull your hair out? don't worry i have no hair to pull out. looks like there is a moderator in da hisouse. my answer on the true story disappeared. i gave "proofs" straight outta da koran. oh, then i said it's not a true story. oh well. what do you think. did allah actually turn people into apes and swine for breaking the sabbath. didn't jesus break the sabbath?

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it is called the 4th generation kind of war. or called war of (false) information and intelligence. I call it the trial/fitnah war when using some words of truth but intending with them a totally falsehood. this kind of war is not by using weapons but by using the people themselves to destroy their countries by divide and conquer and by using the people's differences to destroy their countries.. using the liar media to spread falsehood.

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destroying the army of Iraq, Syrian, Egypt And Libya after bringing them the Chaos or the arab-spring or the new middle east. Surprisingly Israel is safe and the world arab is unrest!!!

one thing for sure, the people in Iraq were better at Saddam's time. and Libya were better with Ghadafi and Syrian are better with Bashar.. Egypt is elhamdoulellah a special case.. in it all the masks fell down and Egyptians realized the real name of the game. May Allah bring victory to the truth and its followers.

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LOL. I know you have no hair, Mike. I was having a dig. Makes a change!!

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my bad missed it totally

i2t, you maybe right about information being the root of this. these are facebook/twitter revolutions. and oddly enough it started in iran, but failed there. the main drive for this is demographics. half the population of most of the muslim world has been born since the iranian revolution and have grown up with information from around the world. not isolated in an agrarian society. an of course economics. you old world people don't seem to care if the same guy is incharge for 30 years as long as the trains run on time. but high unemployment for males under 30 often

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leads to unrest. most of the iraqi army was destroyed in 91 after they invaded kuwait. the libyians have been under embargoo since lockrebie. doesn't look like the syrian arm was much to begin with. how has egypt's army been effected? we stopped delivery of 4 f16s but that's no big deal.

so the iraq-iran war was good times? the lebonese civil war with syrian influeance frm 75-90 was good times. how about the hama massacere by your boy bashir's father in 82, good times. i'm starting to think your name should be inclined2crazy. so what masks are falling down? reveal the truth to us all?

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the true story is........


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the petro-dollar is your big mind shattering revelaton. lol. everyone knows oil has traditionally been trade for with US dollars. so we invade afghanistan for oil? brought our own puppets in egyot and tunisa for oil? lebenon and syria are next? do you even know who produces oil. so the big prize was iraqi. yet we withdrew. now if we invade mexico to steal their oil under the guise of the war on drugs, then you might have something. so china will defend iran even if it means the collapse of the US

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dollar. do you have any idea how many dollars china holds. trillions. when do we take nigeria large exporter of oil. we didn't we take the sudan. so you want the euro to be the reserve currancy of the world. the european union almost collapsed under greek and spanish debt. now the chinesse proposed a new currancy issued by the imf and i think backed by gold to be the new reserve currency. you do know america has far more gold than any other nation. the gold dinar thing is a joke. anyone can back their money with gold. if they have gold. libyia only has like 120 tons of gold.

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@inclined2truth what you said is right

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elhamdoulellah! if so, this is from the favor of my Lord (haza min fadl Rabbi)

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What that sect is doing is completely wrong. That is not what Muslims do, and no-where in the Qur'an does it tell these people to do this. Tell your neighbors that, and explain to them that these people are not Muslims as they claim to be. Tell your neighbors that those people just want people to help them kill. Tell your neighbors that they are fakes and no where in the Qur'an or in Islam does it say for them to do this. Then, Insha Allah, your "neighbors" will understand.

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1) How can these subjects be Haram when Allah tells us to study them?!?

Allah says افلا ينظرون ال الابل كيف خلقت (do they not see how the camels have been created = Biology) والى السماء كيف رفعت والى الجبال كيف نصبت والى الارض كيف سطحت (And how the skies have been raised, and how the mountains have been made, and how the Earth has been spread out = study geography and geology)

The study of most subjects is encouraged in the Quran, so for BOKO Haram to say it is haram to study all this is rubbish. They should be called Bonkers haram, not Boko Haram!

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