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How to stay away or what to do so that the previous sin commited will not be repeat again, after asking Allah (swt) forgiveness?

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barak Allah fikum brothers,(Paulus and Abdulgafar) I just want to advise myself before you about struggling/fighting the ego/nafs.

it is considered as prophet Muhammad salla Allahou 3alayhi wa sallam called it the bigger Jihad. And first step in these battles is to know thyself.. as our nafs is considered an enemy from inside(beside the famous enemy shaytan) until we control, purify and educate it. so in its first stage it is called Nafs ammara bessou2, As in Quran; "..indeed the nafs/ego/soul/self is a persistent enjoiner of evil, except those upon which my Lord has mercy.."(12:53) and after it see the light of Allah it will become a better stage/rank called Nafs lawwama; which blame him when he falls into sin or error.. as in Quran "And I swear by the reproaching nafs/soul/self."(75:2).. and there is other higher ranks after that, one of it is the nafs al Moutmaenna as in Quran karim " O reassured/comforted nafs/soul. Return to your Lord, well pleased and pleasing(to Him)."(89:27-28)

Note that we are consisting of two totally opposite things; the body and the spirit. the body is made from earth(dust,water,fire and air) and its food, life and death is from the earth.. while the spirit/Rou7 is a matter of Allah that is why its food and life and death is in its relation with (light of) Allah. while the nafs/we or call it the heart(which decide our deeds) is like a mirror that has no color but it takes the color of what is in front of it.. and in front of this heart there are two doors; one is the door of this world and another door is the Afterworld. As our hearts are between two fingers of Al-Rahman he turn them as He want.(between this world and the afterworld or between the Body and its request from world or the Spirit and its request from Allah's light or between a group of angels inspiring to us or a group of shayateen whispering to us) the heart/nafs in the beginning is busy by the affairs of this world(of course because it knows that no food means death for the body)(but it got the real knowledge it will depend on the one who provided, guarded and guided it while it is in the womb of its mother). and if the Nafs/self/soul/ego is not controlled well then it will be always asking for more and more.. and the spirit will be weak and prisoned. the spirit and the Nafs has inverse/opposite relation(one looking to this world and another to the afterworld).

And Allah created for all the elements of our body a desire/shahwa/appetite. the eyes like to see the beautiful views/colors and the ear like to hear the nice rhythm/words/sounds and the nose will like the nice smell and the hands like to touch soft things and the stomach like the delicious food.. and most important is the brain that its desire is in the knowledge and surely the best knowledge is the knowledge about Allah.. since the best is to know/be with the giver of gifts(provider) than to know/be with the gifts(sound brain say so). the best is that we live with our body in this world/dounya while our heart/mind is with Allah and the afterlife/akhera. by another word oppose the nafs and do not always reply its request unless it is good for the akhera/afterworld.. and whenever you lose in a battle stand up and fight back again.. as the fight will not end except with the end of our life in this world. And as the self knows the two ways; way of righteousness or wickedness.. "And (by) a Nafs/soul/self and He who proportioned it. And inspired it (with discernment of) its wickedness and its righteousness. He has succeeded who purifies it. And has failed who instills it(with corruption)"(91:7-10)

Another meaning, the good points are like the light and the sins are like the darkness and the good points erase the bad ones.. so always monitor your heart and see if it is carrying a light by intending/want/will to do good deeds for its return to Allah in the afterworld) or is it carrying darkness of the sins of this world. The good points or light are found in every small/big good deeds.. and the bad points or darkness are found in every small/big sin.. so whenever our heart is in the state of darkness we should remember Allah and return with our good intention willing to please Allah.(intention is very important and its place is the heart.. and if it was sound/good then all our deeds are good/sound. Knowing that we are not angels who have only brains(that knows that its benefit is in the relation with the giver/provider of gifts and not in the gifts given) without ego like us, that is why they do not disobey Allah's orders. and thanks to Allah that He is forgiver whenever we say sorry please forgive us. it is His character nobody force it on Him, He like to forgive and pardon. Elhamdoulellah that Allah is our Lord.

May Allah bring to our Nafs its taqwa(consciousness with Allah) and may Allah purify it for us, He is the best to purify it. Al Salaamou alaikum

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Sallaam brother /sister, May Allaaah bless you for providing a response which includes so many similitudes so that the explanation is easily understood by all. Ihope those with similar questions are refered to your answer as it is comprehensive and leaves no doubt that to control our nafs, we have to work on this continuously...yes jihad relating to self is our biggest challenge. Sallaam

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Wa alaikum el salaam my dear brother in Allah's path Stronghold. Thank you and Elhamdoulellah.

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I do not think so brother! the prophets are exception. but you know the weight of sin is variable from people to other.. the righteous people will be doing the good deeds and worry if it is carrying any riyaa/showy and whatever they do they think Allah deserve more. and the small sin is so big inside them that is why it is small at Allah.. but in the other side some people might not care of small sins and say it is not weighty so it will be heavy at Allah. that is why do not look to the value of the sin but look to the value of whom you are disobeying.

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Assalam alaikum,

Take responsibility for your actions, and exercise self-control.

And when you fail - and we all do from time to time - don’t beat yourself up. Express your sorrow to those affected by your behaviour; make reparation when this is necessary; ask Allah (Subhana wa Ta'ala) for His forgiveness and guidance; and start again.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you @paulus,may Almighty Allah increases you in knowledge

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That's very kind of you. Many thanks. Glad to be of help.

May Allah (Subhana wa Tal'la)keep you close to Himself for all of your life.

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