Assalam alaikoum. My brother who is going through some situation at the moment , he has found a sister who he wants to marry but however he can't even though he has told her family that his coming for her hand. The problem is that before this sister he had wanted to marry someone else and shes overseas and my parents have said yes and asked her parents for her and they said yes. So my brother got to know this sister and the more he had spoken to her the more he realised he didn't think she wasn't the mother of his kids. And they wouldn't work out. So he had distance him seld from her, mean while he found another sister who he wanted to spend his life with. So he told my parents and at start they didn't agree. He waited few months and asked again. So they said okay. So when it was time for him to go to this sister's family but parents didn't want this to happen they didn't want him to marry her. They told him he has to marry the girl from overseas or he leaves the family. The problem also is the girl from overseas is same tribe as him but the one here is different tribe. So my question is can he walk away from the sister who his parents have went already asked for her hand or he has to marry her?? And the other sister and her family are also waiting on him but don't know about the situation only the girl does. ... help

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