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I want to know it. Can I hug her?

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no you can't huge her if you do theses kind type things then in future you will commit more sin. you can buy her gift or flower.

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Brother Tasmin:

It's wrong for you to hug your girlfriend when your parents are there; and so it's wrong to hug her when they are not there.

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it's not allowed to even look or stare at a ghair marham (not direct relative) women and I'm sorry about people above suggesting to buy a gift. yuk you should be suggesting him to stop this. having girlfriend itself is not allowed and here people are concerned about HUG.

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Listen Brother and salam.

A girlfriend in Islam is not allowed why??? Incase u go more "further into the relationship" and if ur hugging her u will soon start to kiss and after that u will start to tongue kiss the after that u will go even further in sexual stuff. You will be addicted to this and this is a bad bad sin. Actually its said in Islam not to even stare at women incase shaytan puts bad intentions in ur mind. Any way good luck with the years to come!

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Well my friend who are you fooling me or Allah .Girlfriend? Let me put it simple terms Beware for the cuse of Allah is real Those who know deep down that it is wrong are deaf and blind to some degrees and then theres those who are dead so you choose a person whos cursed can never win in this world be whoever

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