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Am I going. To expect to have a wife or wives in the spiritual realm of heaven?

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I'm not sure why you're asking, if you're answering your own question.

You believe that you will be married to Jesus Christ in the Hereafter? Fine.

We believe that Paradise includes spiritual and physical pleasure and bliss. Simple. A Heaven without my wife is not really Heaven. Everyone is different. What matters if this, the Qur'an says "They will have therein whatever they desire." If what your heart really desires is to be in God's Presence and to "walk with God", you will have that. If what your heart really desire is to fly like a bird, you will have that. If what your heart really desires is to see your dead grandmother, you will have that. If what your heart really desires is to sit down with the Prophet Abraham and share a meal with him, you will have that.

People want to go to Heaven for different reasons. The beauty of the Qur'anic message is that it covers all these bases. This, to me, is a strength, not a weakness. It speaks to the universal message of the Qur'an and its universal appeal.

What you need to keep in mind, however, is that in order to enter Paradise, you must worship God, not Jesus (or any other human being).


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I believe every soul in heaven is married to the Almighty nothing or anyone can be on your mind but the Great I Am

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To be married is to provide for and help and be helped in a material world.No one needs anything but to exalt the Awesome ALMIGHTY.

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