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This has always been mentioned as one of the more brutal aspects of the treatment of women. Mant islamic countries practice this, which in no way says it's an islamic aspect but what is islam's, or the Qu'ran's position on this

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all four school's say it is to be practiced. two say it is recommended and two say it is mandatory.

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The following is taken from the site: Women’

I have not edited this extract. It speaks for itself, and reflects with total accuracy Islam’s position on this disgusting practice:

Is FGC part of a religion?

Although many people believe that FGC is associated with Islam, it is not. FGC is not supported by any religion and is condemned by many religious leaders. The practice crosses religious barriers. Muslims, Christians, and Jews have been known to support FGC on their girls. No religious text requires or even supports cutting female genitals. In fact, Islamic Shari'a protects children and protects their rights. From a Christian perspective, FGC has no religious grounds either. In fact, research shows that the relationship between religion and FGC is inconsistent at best.

However, even though religious texts don’t support FGC, some people still think the two are linked and claim religious teachings support FGC.

In six of the countries where FGC is practiced — Ethiopia, Cote d'Ivoire, Kenya, Senegal, Benin, and Ghana — Muslim population groups are more likely to practice FGC than Christian groups. In Nigeria, Tanzania, and Niger, though, the prevalence is greater among Christian groups.

Why is FGC practiced?

There are many reasons FGC is practiced, including social, economic, and political reasons. Those who support FGC believe that it will empower their daughters, ensure the girls get married, and protect the family’s good name. In some groups, FGC is performed to show a girl’s growth into womanhood and, as in the Masai community, marks the start of a girl’s sexual debut. It also is performed to keep a woman’s virginity by limiting her sexual behavior. FGC is believed (by those who practice it) to stop a woman’s sexual desire. In some groups, women who are not cut are viewed as dirty and are treated badly. While FGC pre-dates both Christianity and Islam, religion is also used to promote the practice. Some communities believe that in order to be good Muslims, parents must have their daughters cut.

There are also many superstitions about FGC, such as:

The clitoris will continue to grow as a girl gets older and so it must be removed.

The external genitalia are unclean and can actually cause the death of an infant during delivery.

FGC is often part of a community’s tradition. Most parents who support FGC believe they are protecting their daughter’s future marriage prospects, and not hurting her. It is seen by parents as part of a girl’s upbringing.

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paul, "Although many people believe that FGC is associated with Islam, it is not." that is a lie. you need to read mufti saab's answer. the hadith is well established. many islamic scholars favor fgm. you are quoting from a liberal western apologist website. i'll give more "proofs" above. from a website often used here to give "proofs".

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Hi Mike,

I read a number of sources on FGM, including those that advocate this practice. I decided to present the argument that is most common.

The hadith that has been mentioned is said to be ‘weak’ in that it is ‘missing a link in the chain of transmitters’ (in that) ‘none of the transmitters was among the original Companions of the Prophet.’

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I understand - but have not yet checked - that all ahadith concerning female circumcision are equally ‘non-authentic’.

Unfortunately, men - whatever their culture or religion - will always find (by whatever means) some ‘justification’ for abusing women. For sure, I will not see this change in my lifetime.

By the way, one is never too old to watch cartoons!

Take care.

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tru dat. do you think this flanders guy is using the simpson's neighbor's name? or maybe his real name is flanders. neither here nor there.

well dude i hope you are right on the weakness of these hadiths. but if two of the major schools of islamic jurisprudance says it is obligitory, then in my book it is securely rooted in islam. until they purge it, it doesn't reall matter what you or i or women's health says. i didn't post it but on islamqa he even has one fatawa saying there are medical benefits. you know the egypts tried to outlaw it. huge uproar from some muslims so the reversed thelaw

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thought i saw a report out of the UK that summertime is the most dangerous for girls. often sent back "home" to be cut. can't do it during school, healing time to long. so i guess it is against the law there. even not allowed to send them overseas? thought they were trying to catch them at the airport or something? then they said since the economy tanked in 06 they were having fgm parties, flying in the woman to perform them. multiple families spliting the expense. panorama?

you stay outta da fog today.

(Sep 05 '13 at 10:21) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

I diddly-couldn’t-diddly-doon-well comment on your diddly-first comment!

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Mufti Saab, Nowhere in the QUR'AN or in the SUNNAH does it state that FGC is to be practised. Trully, it is a practice of the backward societies, no matter HOW it is done. It serves no justifiable purpose. If Allaah SWT wanted women to be without a clitoris, He would have known what to do. Why don't people busy themselves with intelligent activities and stop conjuring up ways of creating horror and suffering.

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I am appauled at the suggesting that this practice is the sunnah, @mufti saab you have said a whole lot without any proofs, Mike islam is not centerd around the schools of thought, it is centered around the Qur'an and the authenticated sunnah, nothing else. Circumcision for men is wajib. And this is due to it being an everlasting covenant given to Ibrahiem As, in that covenant women is not mentioned at all,this practice is cruel and it is not mentioned in the Quran. The problem we have today is fatawas and these hadiths, the system of Ilm Rajil is only good when the hadith coincides with the Book of Allah. No woman has to be subjected to such cruelity. This practice is not islamic in noway..... salaam

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so you say nowhere does it say this should be done. great. but let me ask you this. was this not a common practice amoung muhammad's tribe and the other pagan arabs? so muhammad forbides tattoos, a common practice, plucking eyebrows, etc. etc. but doesn't once say not to do this? the all-knowing god doesn't know this is a practice amoung his creation? we have rules on music, dress, what to eat, etc. etc. but not a word on this. strange, don't you think? so much for complete/perfect??????

(Sep 06 '13 at 11:24) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

Mike I'm no scholar but what I know, I know well. I have never read anything of this in any islamic history, however, I.have read about it in many pagan tribes throughout africa. As far as the schools of thought goes I challenge any muslim to show one ayat or half of hadith that leglistrates that we follow one or any of the schools of thought. I accept islam with textual proofs, whereeve it comes from, but no one is going to put me in a box to think in. Blind following is forbidden in islam, I'm not a imam or shaykh groupie as a lot of muslim are, I know some may take my words harshly, but it is best to be hurt by the truth then to be comforted by lies, the truth of the matter is that we each have an obligation to ascertain the facts if any islamic situation. To rest your deen on the shoulders of man due to a title is a receipe for destruction. For shaykh ibn Qayyim has said that the shaytan tempts the so called pious and learned of Muhammad's saws ummah. So this I pray will answer your question about why it is done and why it is not stopped. Salaam

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you miss the point. forget about the schools, the shaykhs, the imans. did muhammad not know of this practice? if not certainly the "all-knowing" allah did. so why not forbid it. again he forbids plucking eyebrows but not mutilating a girl's genitelia. seems incomplete.

[5.3] Forbidden to you is that which dies of itself, and blood, and flesh of swine, and that on which any other name than that of Allah has been invoked, and the strangled (animal) and that beaten to death, and that killed by a fall and that killed by being smitten with the horn, and that which wild beasts have eaten,

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except what you slaughter, and what is sacrificed on stones set up (for idols) and that you divide by the arrows; that is a transgression. This day have those who disbelieve despaired of your religion, so fear them not, and fear Me. This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed My favor on you and chosen for you Islam as a religion; but whoever is compelled by hunger, not inclining willfully to sin, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

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"The Shaafa’is, the Hanbalis according to the well-known view of their madhhab, and others are of the view that circumcising women is obligatory. Many scholars are of the view that it is not obligatory in the case of women; rather it is Sunnah and is an honour for them."

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do not many muslims follow these schools of thought? were do these schools of thought get their ideas? you can't seperate the real world and the actions of people from the ideology which drives their actions. so why have not the "real" muslims stopped this practice if it is so appauling. i dare say it is only recently with western meddling that this has even come to light for most of the world. even still if i say female circumcision to people here they say there is no such thing. so what have you done to defend the oppressed? is this not oppression?

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Mike all acts of the shaytan are forbidden and I told you that I have never in my fifty years BBC if being a muslim have ever read anything that suggest that he knew if this practice. Of coarse Allah knows all things, we as muslims know that the Rasul has tol d us not to mimick the polytheist. So why qould we do such today and call it guidance? The answer is simple, the shaytan has misguided us as is his duty. True Allah was specufic with the things you quoted, however, the Rasul saws was also in his sunbah about mimicking....salaam

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do you wear a wrist watch? "not to mimick the polytheist." that is about as broad a term as "spreading corruption". your on a computer. this program may have been written by a hindu or an atheist? did not the polytheist worship the black rock? i think you are shoveling against the tide. islam is moving backwards. the salaf is rising. good luck to ya.

[5.51] O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people. peace

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Again mike you flank right then go deep left, but I expect nothing else from you. The mimick is talking about acts of worship, so your reference does not apply. And I'm not salafi, so what are jibbering about. Yes you are correct about the black rock. Please check what I posted on this site about the black rock, so we do agree in that point. Islam isn't moving backwards I will say some of those who claim to be muslim and their actions contradict what islam stand for are moving backwards. Salaam

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lol. i know what you posted about the black rock. that's what made it funny. i don't care about the black rock. just another stupid superstision like jinn, hexes, or the evil eye. so yes if you find the kissing of the black rock silly, then we agree. if you don't think there are beings made of smokeless fire then we agree. maybe i flank right then go left but you say "mimick is talking about acts of worship" how is cutting a girls clit off an act of worship. you nullified your own reasoning. if we can call it reasoning. so you now say islam forbides mimicking the polythiests in worship,

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but what about body adornment or modification? i guess i'm just stupid. to me an all-knowing god would have said told last prophet, to tell his people not to mutalilate a girls vagina. must be the evil in me, to think so, to question allah. anyway, why not stop the chinese practice of binding feet? the mayans of putting their baby's head in presses to flatten their faces?

i like going deep left. i still don't know if you are allowed to wear a wrist watch? wedding rings? tattoos aren't a form of worship, are they? plucking eyebrows? you're funny dude.

i humbly await your reply. shalom.

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Mike I didn't nullify a thing, the tribes in africa did it as a act of worship, and this is what I'm talking about.

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sorry i didn't know it was an act of worship. i guess if cutting the foreskin of a male is an act of worship to "the one true god" then female circumcision would be an act of worship as well. paul's post must of biased me. i thought it had to do with silly reasons. the clit would continue to grow..etc, you can look above. nothing about "god". anyway, i still don't know if you can wear a wrist watch?

asians did it as well. a girlfriend of mine had a book on body modification. interesting stuff. is plucking eyebrows an act of worship??? you confuse me dude. namaste

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Actually mike I find you of the funniest you talking about wrist watches, mike I told you that this practice is unislamic, and all of things you mentioned. Just like the cultures you have mentioned do these things so does those who claim to be muslims and they innovate into the deen. Now I do know thay there are beings made from smokeless fire for I have such with my own eyes, so we don't agree, I tell you what you gather all of your loved ones and I do the same and I will pray for the curse of Allah on whoever is wrong. You up for that???????

(Sep 07 '13 at 23:26) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

i always try to be funny. LOL. i still don't know if wrist watches are allowed or why they wouldn't be. fgm is unislamic, great. it appears there are 100s of millions of muslim who disagree. how can that be? this is no small number.

"the curse of Allah on whoever is wrong. You up for that???????" absolutely. what do you need to make this spell work???????????

(Sep 07 '13 at 23:36) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

Its simple you have just done it with your cosent, Oh Allah I know with "Yaqin "certainty that you are the sustainer and source of all things known and unknown. Oh Allah I beg you to settle this affair between the brother mike and I, for he is a kufr that doesnot acknowledge your Majesty nor your existence. My blessed Rabb he is so confident that he is willing to incur your curse on him and his family. Oh Allah I beg you to curse the one who is wrong about your existence, and I beg for the curse to made felt in this life extremely and it to be sevenfold in the heteafter. Ameen

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when is this curse supposed to kick in?

(Sep 16 '13 at 17:01) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image
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Please don't use obscenities, Mike. They add no value to your argument, and are offensive.

Brothers and Sisters:

‘He has already revealed to you in the Scripture, that when you hear the signs of Allah held in defiance and ridicule, you are not to sit with them unless they turn to a different theme. If you did, you would be like them……..’ (An-Nisa:140).

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May Allah reward you .. That was most needed . Salam

(Sep 09 '13 at 05:29) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

hey paul, how ya doing today? i thought it added a little punch there and the obsurdity of being cursed called for an obsenity. and if you watched the bucs game you would have understood my state of mind, having had defeat ripped from the jaws of victory with only 7 seconds left. and i having to bare the burden alone, knowing it was the d**n curse that did it. but seems how you asked so nicely i will do my best to refrain from use of such language. personally i've always found the whole concept of "foul language" or "bad" words to be a bit silly. how was your weekend? so what do you think of

(Sep 09 '13 at 13:24) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

this curse your god is supposed to but on me? what signs should i look for to see if it is working?

(Sep 09 '13 at 13:25) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.

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Every one is talking to Mike.but whos name is mike using to speak

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1) Khatna (genital clipping) was done to the reproductive organs of both men and women in Arabia during the Prophet's time.

In Men, it is recommended, as we are following in the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim (as).

In women, it is allowed, and there used to be a Sahabi (female companion) who was like a nurse in the Prophet's time. She would be there to help out during births, deaths and marriages. She would also perform khatna on girls. The Prophet (saw) did not forbid her, nor did he encourage her, so it is allowed. However, the Prophet (saw) warned her not to cut too deep and too much, but rather, to clip only a little.

Modern day female circumcision in Muslim countries is affected by poor sanitation and hygiene, and a lack of appropriate tools and experience, resulting in botched up jobs that injure the woman. This is disgraceful and unacceptable. But where it is done properly, with the appropriate tools and by an experienced person, such problems do not occur and it is allowed.

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Why did he vote down? He answer is right 0_o so wh, why!why?

(Nov 23 '13 at 17:01) Bibi Amina ♦ Bibi%20Amina's gravatar image
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