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A relative of mine committed suicide a few days ago, am I allowed to attend his janazzah? can I ask Allah to forgive him please advise me as to what is permissible in Islam as all of his family are totally distraught.

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(ما كان للنبي والذين آمنوا معه أن يستغفروا للمشركين ولو كانوا أولي قربى من بعد ما تبين لهم أ نهم أصحاب الجحيم‎‎)‎.‎ if u r sure that he has killed himself,‎ then u can't follow his janazah.‎ he is like the man who were with rasulallah is the war and he was badly injured and was hurting much,‎ and to stop his pain this man pulled the sword more in his cut then he died.Then ashab rasulallah said that he would go to jannah but rasulallah answered(‎هو في النار) ‎(he is in jahannam).‎ wa Allah a'lam

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the prophet refused to attend anyones janazah that comitted suicide it is sunnah not to attend his family can do it on their own janazzah is a prayer that can be offered by even one persn so you dont have to go and in fact its better not to

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What we all should know that Allah does say in many places in the Qur'an do not take a Innocent soul whether be someone else life or your life. So for the case of when someone kills Innocent person and does not repent and does not give the dead persons right and that is giving the family the choice by killing him or by ransoming himself or by death, if he does not do all that then Allah does not forgive this person ever and he has lost his Islam and he stays in hell fire forever.

As for a person who kills himself we do not say he has lost his Islam but he is considered to be a Muslim and he is giving the rights of a dead Muslim. Therefore, one should make Du'a for him and ask Allah to forgive him, but it is between him and Allah whether he is forgiving or not, there is also a hadith which I do not have the reference with me now but you can look it up search for it which says, a man committed suicide at the time of the Prophet [saws] and was told to the prophet about him in which the prophet made Du'a for him, and later on was seen in a dream which he had bandages where he sliced himself and was asked what happened in which he replied Allah forgave me and the Angles put these bandages. So you see here Allah forgave this person because of the Du'a that was made for him by the prophet and does proof that the one who commits suicide does not loose his Islam but has committed a great sin which is punishable for a long time in hell fire. And Allah knows best

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to suicide is not is illicit and one of the main sins. Allah says in Nisa Sura ..and don't kill yourselves.. but person who suicides does not be a according to scholars,we must wash,enshroud,do his/her janazzah and bed to Muslims' cemetery.

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