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A relative of mine committed suicide a few days ago, am I allowed to attend his janazzah? can I ask Allah to forgive him please advise me as to what is permissible in Islam as all of his family are totally distraught.

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(ما كان للنبي والذين آمنوا معه أن يستغفروا للمشركين ولو كانوا أولي قربى من بعد ما تبين لهم أ نهم أصحاب الجحيم‎‎)‎.‎ if u r sure that he has killed himself,‎ then u can't follow his janazah.‎ he is like the man who were with rasulallah is the war and he was badly injured and was hurting much,‎ and to stop his pain this man pulled the sword more in his cut then he died.Then ashab rasulallah said that he would go to jannah but rasulallah answered(‎هو في النار) ‎(he is in jahannam).‎ wa Allah a'lam

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