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I am just asking, since it is a little misguided the whole thing...

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Your asking a muslim site, if muslims will go to heaven, well what do you think they'll say lol

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Have you read the Quran?

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anyone who follows the teachings of prophet Muhammad (saws) is surely going to heaven. edit: sorry I missed out on previous prophets. anyone who submits his will to Allah will inshaallah enter paradise and ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST AND THE REST

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so what about those who aren't "surely". who esle may? and who is surely NOT.

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Nobody apart from Muslims, Islamic Prophets such as Muhammad and Islamic martyrs will only go to Heaven or Paradise. Anyone who disbelieves the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad, anybody who disbelieves in the Holy book of the Quran and anybody who disblieves in Allah I.E Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and other Religions will enter Hell.

Hope this helped (:

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@abul rauf : ofcourse the disbelievers will enter hell. and as far as 'who is surely NOT', neither you nor me or any other human can or will decide that,ALLAH alone can and will decide on that.

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while you just said who surely will not, the disbelieves. atheist and agnostic are sure for hell. so an atheist who does great charitable work and saves millions of lives goes to hell? what of animists, buddists, hindus, shintos, etc etc. i mean they believe in some sort of god. so can jews go to heaven? or christians who believe that jesus is the son of god, and god himself. what about christians who don't believe in the trinity?

(Sep 05 '13 at 14:16) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

We have been told that Allah's mercy is 100 units. He send/used only 1 unit of His mercy in this world and He is saving 99 for the Last Day. This one unit of mercy that we are all sharing, for me, if the share of mercy that i have inside me towards my kids is increased than the amount that I have and something bad happened to them then my heart will be broken. Even the animals in this world are sharing this single unit. Imagine the other 99 units!!!

Some people will enter Paradise without punishment like 1st Class.. while others will go to Paradise but after a small/big short/long punishment and will be out by the intercession/shafa3a of Prophets and righteous people and then Allah Himself will not leave someone that have an atom weight of good/belief inside Him to remain in Fire. Only the arrogant/criminals/transgressors will remain in Hell.

If your question was "who and how many people will REMAIN in Hell?" the answer is; the ratio between the people who will enter Paradise(including the ones who will be punished for a while and then go to Heaven) to the people who will remain in Hell is like the ratio between the ones who are dying normal death to the one who are doing suicide(kill themselves).. surely they are very few comparing with the ones who will enter Paradise.

And if your question was who will enter Paradise without punishment? or who will be the 1sr Class and High rank and best winners and most happy in Paradise? then the answer is; everyone who heard the call of Truth/Belief via the callers/prophets/messengers of Allah and followed/believed it and did good deeds on its best way(pure from anything other than Allah) will be the in best ranks.

At the end, the ones who will be in Paradise entered it by Allah's mercy and the ones who will be in Hell entered it by Allah's justice. While Allah is free need from all world/things.. if all people disbelieve or believe in Him then it will not increase or decrease from Him a thing.. as He was alone and there was no/zero thing else. We are the in need indeed to Him while He is the free of need from all-worlds. May He never prevent us from His mercy in this world nor in the Last.. and our last du'aa is elhamdoulellahi Rabb el 3alameen(all praisings are to Allah the Lord of the all worlds)

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i've been told that all the souls who never heard the "call of Truth/Belief via the callers/prophets/messengers of Allah" will be tested by being told to jump into a fire. and if they don't they will they go to hell. is that a permanent damnation?

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Mike Allah knows best if that is permanent or not, Allah has said in the Qur'an that some sabians, nazreen, and yahuds will go to paradise do to there iman, when they hear the revelations of Allah they eyes are filled with tears.salaam

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yaqin you will have to bare with me, i barely speak american right. sabians were followers of john the baptist? nazreen are what, christians and therefore yahuds are jews? so no hindus or buddhists.

(Sep 06 '13 at 11:47) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image
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