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Uthmans recension is one of the more celebrated events in early islamic history. It is believed that in 653, the caliph Uthman gathered together, under Zaid Ibn Taibits supervision, all the people who had memorized the revealations in whole or part and put it in one book. Yet, there are historical accounts that say the caliph in the 690's, Abdl-Malik collected the Qu'ran

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Anyone have any haqq on this.?

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Abu bakr didn't want to do it nor did zaid, and the reason it wasn't called such is do to the fact abu bakr didn't add vowels or moon and sun letters . When zaid was doing what he was told to do there was a dispute about the punuciation of certain words this became a issue that made the brothers argue Abu bakr settled it by telling zaid that whatever bani hashim said the word is to be pronounced this is the correct way. Brother you just said that you know that hafsah had a copy,now I must ask where did she get it from? I have given you the books that will confirm what I'm telling you. What uthman did was make the recitation one harf. He did not compile it he used that which had already been compiled. Now if you want to get technical whether abu bakr compiled the quran has been disputed, but I don't want to get into that. The shia believe that Ali was the one who compiled after the demise of the Rasul saws. So what you are asking about malik just adds to the confusion. May Allah guide the true believers, Salaam.

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Zaid Ibn Taibit did not want to do it because Muhammad never commanded anyone to compile the written manuscripts that existed on various canvases. Uthman had Hafsas copy in comparisons to others. If that is the case how come it is not called Abu Bakr's recension instead of Uthman's recension?

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Brother what are you talking about? Umar was the one who brought it to Abu Bakr and he didn't want to do it umar convinced him and him and abu bakr employed Zaid Iibn Thabit was commissioned to do this task, he did it, and this copy abu bakr had and then it was passed down to umar, who gave it to his daughter. During uthman reign this copy was already done, the problem during this time was the recitation people was using their tribal dialect and this concern was brought to uthman and he added the vowel system with the moon and sun letters. Then he burned the copy if abu bakr and everything else. You can find this in the autobiography of Both abu bakr and uthman, this why the shia use the term uthaymeen script due to the fact that he added vowels.. salaam

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State were you got you information, for what you are talking about happened during the reign of Abu Bakr, uthman didnot compile the quran he added the vowels during his reign then he burnt the copy that Abu Bakr compiled and Umar had left with his daughter Hafsah. Salaam

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Salam, Brother.

I trust you are well?

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Wa laykum salaam, im well I haven't had a chance to put the post inshallah I will do it this weekend brother Paulus. Sslaam

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No problem.

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No, the concept started when Abu Bakr launched the apostate wars and a lot of people who memerized the qu'ran were killed and the concern by Abu Bakr and Umar was the qu'ran would forever be lost. However, the recension of the qu'ran was initiated by Uthman and collections were given and ordered the variances burnt

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