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What makes or encourage human to sin,is it shaitan or is ourself instinct? Because sometime you do things when you even know the thing is wrong e.g like fornication,Adultery,killing and many more. I believe the people that do all this either a believer or disbeliever,but they know how wrong is these to human law and Allah

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I will give the haqq Insha Allah. Salam

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The shaytan has no power over us, except the power to persuade:

‘"As for My servants, no authority will you have over them:" Enough is your Lord for a Disposer of affairs”’ (Al-Isra: 65)

We are solely responsible for our own deeds - good or bad.

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paul, you ever see the movie constantine?

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Hi Mike.

Should I have done?

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your post reminded me of it. it's about the struggle between god and satan for souls. there are angels and demons, "influence peddlers" i think he refers to them as. keanu reeves, normally not a fan but he managers not to ruin it. it's not bad if you are bored.

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If ever I get bored, Mike, I simply read your posts!

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wow, you must really be bored? don't y'all have nexflix over there?

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Is it possible to live in this world and be free from sin{sinless life}? If yes,how?

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I could add a new questions but let me start mine by commenting on this. Most religions including Islam believes that God creating everything. So now that we know that God created everything other than himself, lets talk about humans. God created humans then he gave them freewill. So what's a human without free will. A human is a system that perform different functions. All of these functions were designed or created by God and they will work exactly the way God designed them. I guess this is understood everyone would agree. Now the free will, free will is a system created or designed by God, which will work exactly the way God designed it, agreed i think. Now lets combine both of these things together what do we have a system with different functions designed by God, which will work exactly the way God designed them. So human being with free will is a system which was created by God and will work exactly the way God created it. Correct me if I missed anything but if you agree with above statements, then you can't be responsible for anything. God is responsible for everything you do.

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we have three enemies; 1.Ego 2.Shaytan 3.World/dounya. the ego is the biggest of them that should be controlled.. and it will not be controlled until you know about it and that it is an enemy from inside because it will come to you as the advisor for your better until (Allah help)you to let follow Allah's light guidance. and the Shaytan will come to you from the idea that pleases the ego.. so controlling/fighting/resisting the ego is like closing the window to any winds of satan.. and finally this worldly life is an enemy because the fact that we do not take from it except our deeds/light to the next world.. while it appears that is lasting forever the fact that it does not worth a wing of a fly at Allah and if it was worthy then Allah will not disconnect his prophets and righteous people from it.

the difference between the reason of making the sin is our self/ego or satan.. if you found yourself is insisting on the sin as becoming an habit then it is from your ego.. and if it is ideas/whispering that comes and go then it is from satan.

sleeping little, eating little and remembering Allah a lot will help the muslim in controlling the ego, satan and with the increasing of knowledge and certainty about after world will help to overcome the enmity of this world.

(and Allah knows better)

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You know what's the funny part, all three of our enemies were created and designed by God and they will work exactly the way God designed them.

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and you know how Allah designed the ego/self/nafs? the self knows the two ways; way of righteousness or wickedness.. and we are to choose to purify it or corrupt it.

"And (by) a Nafs/soul/self and He who proportioned it. And inspired it (with discernment of) its wickedness and its righteousness. He has succeeded who purifies it. And has failed who instills it(with corruption)"(91:7-10)

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Waswasah (whispering). Ibn Al- Qayyim said : " Al- Waswas (the whisper) comes from the verb waswasa (to whisper), and the origin of waswasah is derived from a movement or undetected sound. So the whispering is the release of a hidden voice in the mind; it is a sound heard only by the person to whom it is sent, without a sound at all, like the whispering of Satan to mankind. " REGARDING WASWASAH: It is the starting point of any bad action; the heart is usually void of any evil or sin; shayton turns it into a nice attractive action in the persons imagination, to make it so desirable that he makes one forget of the consequences until his heart becomes attached to it. He would eventually go for it with the help of devils dispatched to ensure the sins are committed. (19:83) Qur'an Shayton has committed himself to lead the children of Adam allahi Salam to immorality. He was ye one who showed arroganceand refused to prostrate to our father Adam allahi Salam , so the source of any sin and misfortune is the devil's whispering.

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