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I had gone through so many doctors for my disease (chronic uticaria) till now i does n't get a rid of it and I hope Allah will give shifa Do I get any wazifa or Quranic dua pls let me know I was in sink

Allah hafiz....

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this might help you :

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Brother salaam get the small book called manzil duas this is authentic . You can even download the app for free Read morn and before bed do not talk to anybody and be in quite place after finish reading blow into palms and rub face and body .You can also blow into water and drink.This process will take time .It also depends on yourself are you praying five times a day with proper wudu ablution and are you cautious of halaal food and being cleaness all these things are taken in effect and consideration . This is

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Here are different wazaif collection hope it will help you Wazifa

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Theres a site you can google very beneficial type a guide to islamic exorcism. Inshallah it will work follow instructions to the point.

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