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I am 24 years old my father is very very very strict and he is very much aggressive towards me for a silly mistake he scold me like hell hours together morning till evening I don't understand what goes on his mind sometimes I feel like commiting suicide,sometimes I feel like running away from house please answer me I very much frustrated Sometime I feel why did I came in this world... Though I have heart problem...

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You have a good answer from Algahim....I hope you think about the things mentioned there. You are 24 years old, so you are an adult and should be able to deal with this if you take a healthy angle on the situation. Has your father always been strict and aggressive? Or is this something new? If there has been alot of pressure on your father due to life circumstance then give him some slack...try to understand him and see what you can do to help. Are you a team player in the family or do you just focus on self? You see, in the teenage years, we can be excused for being preoccupied with ourselves, but once we are well in our 20's we should have a more balanced perspective.Having said that, does your father have good health, mental and physical? All these play a part in the myriad of possibilities when trying to provide you with a supportive answer. You mention suicide but you know that this is not an option. Your option is to show yourself and no one else that you are strong enough to deal with the situation. Believe me, life can throw at you many challenges some so mind numbing that your present 'problem' pales into insignificance. So use this situation to strengthen yourself, to become a stronger individual ready to tackle life's surprises...good and bad. But most importantly, turn to Allah SWT for when you are in your deepest throes of despair and misery, there is no one who can help you like He can. No one. Pray, do duaa, seek His guidance and be assured that you are on the right path and being guided. I lost my father when he lost his battle with an illness..and he was strict too, but not a day doesn't go by when I don't think of him. And I thank him for the good that he tried to do, and no he wasn't perfect but show me a man who is. Appreciate your father and try to understand him for one day all you will have is the memories. Try to make them good ones. May Allaah SWT help you and guide you. Salaam.

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I think you should do the thing or things that he ask you to do,be kind and loving to your father and Allah will make it easy for you, Inshallah

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Make du'a to Allah and ask Him to make everything easy for you.

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Let him be, maybe he is just wanting you to move out. That is maybe something he wants you to do? He is trying to make you move out of there... You are 24 years old, so get as fast as you can out of there. Or you can just take it slow, look for a apartment/place to stay first and let him know in the end...

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Unfortuniatally we are humans at the end and we are all full of mistakes and personal flaws, it is for this reason Allah is merciful to us and gives us more ways to earn hasanat(good deeds) then u can imagine. Just dealing with your fathers aggressive and tempered behavior earns you plenty of hasanat. That being said, I understand how hard it can be as my father can go from 0-100 in a split second and I'm 29, married and have a daughter and in 2 seconds he can make me feel like I'm 5 again lol, at the end I realize he is my father and I have to love and respect him and above all learn to understand that he really means no harm. You have to find comfort in the idea that when he is mad at you or yells at you he truly believes that he is doing it for your own good. Now I know at times it can be hard and frustrating but remember that Allah is constantly testing us and testing our patience and our beliefs. Now you might say why this test Allah? I can not bare it anymore! I can't take the yelling the anger! Why me Allah? But before you think that way think of the many who would trade the test Allah had given you for the test Allah has given them. Think of those soles who Allah has tested them with a child who is ill with a horrible illness, or the son who lost his mother or father at a young age, or those who live in war constantly losing those who are close to them, think of those who have been rapped and only have Allah to turn to think of those who have seen their sisters mothers fathers brothers cousins aunts killed and raped in front of them and have to live the rest of their lives remembering that or just simply think of those who have no one in their life to yell at them and help guide them, who end up becoming nothing in life because they had no parents. At the end I know it's not easy and it's hard sometimes but it's not nearly as bad as you think. Inshallah before you know it you will be on your own doing your own thing starting your own family and driving your own kids nuts soon. Just be patient and love and respect your parents and when he yells at you and give him a kiss on the head and that alone will do wonders for you. Inshallah I have been of some help to you. I won't say good luck cuz you don't need it when Allah is with you!


Ps I'm writing this at 3am on my cell phone so excuse my grammar and typos

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