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a girl who has not yet started menstruating to be married without her consent based on her parents judgement?.

A user elsewhere stated, 'the Qur'an proves how a girl who has not yet started menstruating can be married'.

Please could you assist in and help me to understand this?

JazakhAllah khayran..

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answer the question please.

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Firstly,As far as I know it has been mention in islam book that you need parent and the daughter/son permission if he/she like to merry the person who going to be her/his wife/husband. Secondly, I think it a bad idea to merry/purpose some who is little or not ready to be married because it going to cause a lots of problem when their grow up, they may change their decision, they may love somebody else and there is a lots of issue when someone force other person to merry(:

My advice for all of you are don't force anyone to merry unless their accept and give u the permission. Secondly think before you act for example there are a lots of Muslim who make their daughter/son to merry someone because they rick or they famous, I will also say merrying is not about money it about your life.merrying is half of your seen/life.

Please remember me my family every Muslim ur dua. May Allah you all closer to himself and give you Allah janstual Ferduah

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