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Asalam. I had a deposit of about 900000 tk (currency of my country) in my provident fund, from where I received 500000 tk interest. I know this money is haram. Again, on the other hand I took a loan of 200000 tk which I’ll have to pay back in 48 installments in four years with an interest of 500000 tk. Would I be sinning more if I pay that loan interest from the interest that I received from provident fund?

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Riba is riba

and we all know what is and where it comes, so it is up to Us muslims this is my response....asking asking is just another matter of trying to find an escape of its shariat Muhammad(s.a.w)

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Riba is a serous matter in the sight of Allah and should be avoid, so my advise to you is that you should repent to Allah and not to take anymore Riba.

What else would you do with it, would you want to give your halal money to something that is haram, and also you can not keep that Riba you have now so what will you do with it.

My answer to your question is get rid of that Riba you have now by paying it with the one that you owed to others and by doing this you should be free from both Riba but with the condition of repenting to Allah to never take Riba again Insha'Allah, and Allah knows best.

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Your right two wrongs do not make right, but when it comes to Sharia laws there are things that are allowed even thou it may have been forbidden, therefore, in this case you take the lesser evil and that you have two forbidden things one that you can not keep and the other you are can not give, so what do you do in this case because if you do not pay up you will be in trouble and for sure you can not pay it with your halal money with it and can not be careless with it, because this sort of issues need an understanding of Sharia laws and how it works and if you do not understand the fundamentals of Sharia then these issues will seem wrong.

Therefore, the only option that is open for him is to get rid of that Riba by giving it away to those who he owed the other Riba. And Allah knows best.

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Two Wrongs Do Not Make a Right

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Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah..



Ask the right person in financial knowledge of islam... Ask my friend.. will find the answer..amin

Note : there lots of islamic financial companies..


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