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I wish I could show my picture I took a picture of cloud sign's Allah. Is Allah watching me over all the time?

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Allah always see all of us, He see everything,even if a leaf fall from a tree, He knows even that.

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May be its a good sign, Inshallah it's a good sign

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interlock your fingers an look at the palms of your hands......y'all are crazy....

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What do u mean? Abul rauf

(Sep 08 '13 at 01:04) UnknownUser UnknownUser's gravatar image

I see you've met mike (Abdul rauf ) isn't his real name. He has quite the reputation of being kicked off this site. Any how. This picture is beautiful mashea'allah. Interesting enough I also have Allah in Arabic on the palms of my hands. These are signs for those who reflect. :) Salam

(Sep 08 '13 at 02:22) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

yes i've been kicked off this site over a dozen times. strange don't you think? muslims appearently hate freedom of speech. anyway, a muslim, elle, once told me to look at the palms of my hands. she thought allah is spelled in the lines. i don't see where the h is. but hey, different strokes for different folks, right?

mike malzahn

(Sep 08 '13 at 20:22) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image
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