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hello i think there is only one god and jesusis a messengers of god and so the the prophetMuhammed if so how can i go to be come a muslim

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Also, my advice to you(and to myself); if we assume that there is 10 sins that you want to stop and 10 good things that you should do. then I advise you to not stop the 10 sins one time and make the 10 good things suddenly. Because our religion is strong and whoever treat with it strongly will be broken. So my advise is to start by stopping/avoiding 2 sins and start a new 2 good things. but in the term that the 2 things that you stop never do it again (surely if you fall in it again always return to Allah by your heart asking forgiveness, but try as mush as you can to stop it).. and the 2 good thing try to keep doing them.. and after a while when you feel in control start another 1 or 2.. because the most important is that you keep your heart/mind in relation with Allah always thinking that you did not do enough for Allah deserve more.. and know that any good deed/thing that you do if done with pure intention to Allah is carrying a light.. and every sin is carrying a darkness.. and the good deeds(and their light) will delete the bad deeds(and their darkness).. so always realize/watch this light if it is carried on your heart or not.

Salaam(peace) alaikum (upon you)

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Hi the don,

First of all, congratulations for this decision. However, you should make sure that this is exactly what want, as this is a life changing decision. Indeed to the better Insha'Allah.

Well, becoming a Muslim is not a long procedure nor is a tough thing to do:

First of all, you should adhere and recite the testimony which is: No God but Allah and Muhammed His messenger. (La Elaha Ela Allah, O' Mohammed Rasoulo Allah). Then you can do the Ghusul, the way Muslims shower then you can pray two units.

VERY IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW: Once you say the Testimony, or Shahada - you will be a Muslim and at this moment God will answer any prayers you will pray. So please, after prayer for your self pray for me too. We all need Allah's mercy and forgiveness.

God Bless You,


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Me too, please. make du'aa/supplication/to Allah for me too. I want to tell you that your last sins are not only deleted/forgotten/forgiven but it is converted into good points.

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Yeah, that's correct. Forgot to tell you that all of your sins turned into good works/deeds and this is a gift from Allah to those who have accepted the message.

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Hello and Salamou alaikum(greeting of Islam=> peace upon you)!

Same as we do. You will just need to say the statement of witnessing by your tongue after your heart believed it, which means; "I am witnessing that there is no deity except Allah, and i am witnessing that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah." "Ash-hadou anna laa ilaha illa Allah, wa ash-hadou anna Muhammadan Rasouloullah."

Ash-hadou= I am witnessing(I bear witness), anna= that, laa= no, ilaha=deity, illa=except, Allah=Allah. wa= and, ash-hadou= I am witnessing, anna= that, Muhammadan= Muhammad, Rasouloullah=Messenger of Allah.

Congratulation! May Allah take care of you. (if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask). Preferable to take a shower after saying the shahada.. to wash from all the past and start a new white page. may Allah be your guide and helper. Salamou alaikum wa rahmatoullah (peace upon you and the mercy of Allah)

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