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I am just asking...

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Flanders, where are you going with this? Your maker is witness to your question....this is not a game of toss a ball at the beach. If you don't see the depth of spirit with which Allah SWT or maybe you prefer the word God, tells us to believe in Him, then I'm afraid, you are completely misguided. Don't ask questions for 'shock' value, it's an old trick that sends most people yawning and turning to more intelligent concepts and conversations. Islam is a religion of belief, belief in one God.  Say (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم): "Whoever is an enemy to Jibril (Gabriel) (let him die in his fury), for indeed he has brought it (this Qur'an) down to your heart by Allah's Permission, confirming what came before it [i.e. the Taurat (Torah) and the injeel (Gospel)] and guidance and glad tidings for the believers. (Al-Baqara Sura 2 Verse 97) May Allah SWT guide you in your thoughts and questions.

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@Flanders ask your question better so I can grasp exactly what you are asking, then inshallah, I will answer you. Salaam.

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I am just asking if there can be disbelief in the religion Islam by Muslims. Do every Muslim believe in Allah and God?

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Yes, We disbelieved in any deity other than Allah. We first say "there is no deity" but then we confirm the one and only deity saying; "except Allah". the sun is not a deity nor the moon nor the money nor the parents, nor any human nor any angel nor any idol...etcetera But only Allah is the deity who deserve our inclination and worship.

We also do not associate with Him anything in worshipping. As we believe nothing has the power except when Allah gave it the power.. He is the source of all power. The sun cannot heat and shine by itself, but Allah gave it the power to be a source of heating and shine.(while it is powerless by its own self) The fire is burning because Allah gave it the power to burn. and if He will He will let it be cool and peace as He did with Ibrahim pbuh when his people threw him in the fire.

"There shall be no compulsion in (acceptance of) the religion. The right course has become clear from error. So whoever disbelieves in taghut(fasle objects worship) and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is hearing and Knowing."

"Allah is the ally of those who believe. He brings them out from the darknesses into the light..." (Quran 2:256-257)

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@FLANDERS as you may know that in every belief system there are those who wholeheartly enter into it and there are those who enters but they come with their own baggage. This baggage in the heart of such people is a curse as Allah has said they become stubborn in hypocrisy. Bssically there are some that claim islam is what they follow but they don't believe or accept every tenet and this makes them in all actualiy disbelievers. While they decieve themself into thinking that they are upon the path while the facts dictate that they are headed to hell, Allah knows best, salasm

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