Asalaamu alaykum,

I am very concerned about the validity of my marriage. I have been struggling very much with my husbands second wife so much that I asked for a divorce and have been hysterical many times. As a result, my husband gave me my first but we stayed with each other. Another time, I was shouting at him and angered my husband so he gave me a divorce in anger but didn't want to divorce me he just wanted me to be quiet. I have now been given my third because in the middle of the night I woke my husband, I began shouting at him for a divorce or to sort the situation of our marriage, he didn't want to give me it so hung up the phone many times to which I just kept calling back and shouting. He became angry because I woke him and gave it to me.

I didn't actually think he would give it to me and believe I wasn't in my right mind, my behaviour has been very irradical. I deeply regret how I have behaved towards my husband, and in front of Allah concerning my marriage.
I am so ashamed of my behaviour and wish to fix what i have done wrong.Please tell me if any of these divorces are invalid or how I can be married to my husband in a halal way JazakAllah khair

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salam sister, u dont seem to knw the gravity of talak, beliv it or not, u are divorced since it has counted up to 3times. Even if he said it in d middle of joke, its valied, if he pronounce it thrice at once, its vallied even if he wrote it somwhere and u mistakenly read it, its valied. So its somthing of great gravity even in the sight of Allah, am sorry to tell you that u are realy divorsed, if u have to go to thee nearest islamic court for verification, Allah knws best.

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