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SALAM I wanted to if the name Aahlan is Arabic?and the meaning

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What about Arabic Alaa = elevated?

There is no Arabic meaning of Aahlan. But if you look around, then you find that its really Alan and it can be said this about the name: cool, charming, suave, awesome with the women. a real tough guy.

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I think Ali ,Ali is mean eminent .(for man) Marziyy-a :is mean praiseworthy . (for woman)

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You might not be spelling this name correctly.

I can find no name that is spelt Aahlan.

There is an Arabic name that is spelt ‘Alham’. This is a girl’s name, meaning ‘Witty’; ‘Imaginative’; ‘One who has pleasant dreams’.

There is an Arabic name spelt ‘Alhan’; this means ‘Eloquence’ or ‘Good Voice’ for a boy; and ‘Melody’ for a girl.

I hope this helps.

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it helped a lot thanks !!!

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Anytime! Salam.

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