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Salam.i wanted to if it is permitted to a muslim girl to use whatsapp facebook instagram?i wanted to know if a muslim girl can display picture in facebook instagram or any other social networks?can we post picture with hijab?is it permitted in islam?

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Salam Aleikom sister. Facebook etc. can cause fitna, remember it all starts with an innocent pic, then shayaan plays with ur mind and tells u to put some more detailed potos. Be aware sister.


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Salaam, you shouldn't put up pictures even with hijab because later on, well you know shaitaan is clever and he might cinvince you to out up a picture without hijab and that's wrong

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Ask yourself why u need to put a pic up in the first place? Ask yourself why you need to have a social network site?

I think you already know the answer. ..

Don't do things unnecessary

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