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or should a male police officer be allowed to demand a woman removes her veil. or should a place of business, say a bank, be able to make a woman remove her veil before she enters?

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in the name of Allah i wil start. In islam there is somethng caling daruura/ ths mean a extremely problem where a muslim cant escape from it. Like ur question . If there is no solvtion she wil take it daruura. Upcurse she cnt leave her money 2thm. But go fine islam bank if it is available. Make sure ur hating the action in ur mind. Try and look 4ur fundamental right.

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Assalamu Alaikum, This link has more indepth information related to your questions:

Jazak Allah Khair

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thanks for the link. interesting advice on the one letter, to make fun of people's hair? made me laugh. but i'm sorry i didn't see anything pertinent to my question. what answer should i have focused on, i just kinda browsed the link.

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Pls. refer the other link that I just updated.

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