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The child that is born throgh ZINAH is he going to enter Paradise?

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The child of Zina is neither condemned nor responsible for the sin of his mother and the one who committed this illicit act with her. They are accountable for this sin and the child is not responsible for what took place based on the statement of Allah Ta’ala:           لها ما كسبت وعليها ما اكتسب…“..The soul is rewarded for the good which is does and punished for the sin that is hasearned…” (2:286)He also says:                         ولا تزر وازرة ورزأخرى…“No soul shall bear the burden (of sin) of another…” (17:15)Hence his end result, whether in the Hell-fire or in Paradise, is reminiscent of everyone else’s in that it depends on his obedience to Allah, doing righteous deeds and he dies as a Muslim on the religion of Islam, then in this case, he will enter into Jannah. However if he disobeys Allah and dies as a disbeliever on Kufr (i.e. Disbelief) then his final abode will be the Hell-fire. But if he has a combination of both good and evil deeds then the decision is with Allah, if He wills He can punish him and if he wills he can forgive and pardon him and his final abode will be the Paradise by the immense bounty and mercy of Allah. As for the Hadith which mentions that the child of Zinah will not enter into paradise then this Hadith is fabricated.

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