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I just read a Hadith saying that Allah is so merciful, that when He meets this one Muslim on the day of Judgement, He will ask him: "Didn't you do this and this on this day? And you did such and such on that day?" And the man will say: "yes my Lord, I know. Yes I did this. U yes I did that." Then Allah will say, "I have made it a secret on the worldly life, and I forgive you for it today." So he enters paradise so happily. My question is: WHY? Why are some Muslims going to straight to Hell, and this one goes to paradise? I don't get it.. please help. May Allah reward you.

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Assalamu Alaikum wrwb,

Hope thsi hadith on the day of judgement will answer your query

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Allah is Merciful but in the same time He is Just/fair.

So if the sin is between the servant and his Lord, then Allah might forgive it if He wills. But in case the sin is between two persons, then Allah will not leave the one who was treated unjustly until he bring him/her his right to him from the unjust. As prophet Muhammad told us about "who is the Mouflis(one without wealth)? is the one who come at the Judgment Day with praying, fasting and zakaah while he insulted this(another man), and eat(stole) money of this, and shed blood of this, and beated this.. so he stay and it will be taken from his good points(hassanaat) into this(the other man), and into this. So if his good points are finished before he pay back, then it will be taken from the others' bad points and will be put into his book/account and will be thrown into Fire."

But also we have been told that Allah will reconcile between His servants(to whoever He wills). As once upon a time prophet Muhammad while sitting with his friends they found him laughing so they ask him what is the reason so he alayhi el salatou wassalaam said; "two of my people/ummah sit at the almighty Lord and one of the two said; 'o my Lord bring me my right from my brother.' So Allah will say to the other; 'Bring your brother his right.' so he will reply; 'O my Lord I have nothing remaining from my good points.' So the one whon was treated unjustly will say; 'then, let him carry/take from my bad points." Then prophet Muhammad's eyes were filled with tears and continue the story saying; "This is a great day, the people will be in need of someone to carry from them their sins/bad points! So Allah will say to the first person 'raise your eyes and look to the hidden gardens'. so he will say; o my Lord I see cities of silver and palaces from gold decorated with pearls, for which prophet is that?' for which truthful/siddeeq is this? for which martyr is this?' so Allah said;' to the one who can pay its price.' so he say; 'and who own its price?'.. Allah will say, 'you own its price.'.. so he say 'o My Lord, what? so Allah will say; 'if you pardon your brother.'.. so he will say, I pardon him. so Allah will say take your brother's hand and enter the Jannah(hidden gardens). so prophet Muhammad said; so be conscious with Allah and reconcile(make peace) between yourselves. Indeed Allah will reconcile(make peace) between the believers at the Judgment Day.

But for the arrogant/criminal who will refuse to confess that he committed any sin and that he do not trust the angels who recorded his deeds nor Allah who was witness on him nor anything except himself.. Allah will order his tongue to be mute and will order the body(skin, hands, feet...etc) to speak about what they witnessed and they will speak against him.

"No unjust at that Day" elhamdoulellah because Allah is my Lord, and Islam is my religion and Muhammad (salla Allahou alyhi wa sallam) is my Prophet and messenger and that Quran is my Book. Al salaamou alaikum.

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