ASSALAMO ALAIKUM i, going to do a presentation in school about haj imust tell what is haj what do we do in haj what is the important thing in haj what do we win ny going to haj . Help me maybe inshallah we cativatw more people

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Al Hajj or Al Hijj in the language means directing/visiting a Holy place. and in the Sharia/law it is the visiting the Haram House(Kaaba) in Makah to go round/ramble the kaaba and to go about between the mountain of Safa and Marwa and the standing on mountain Arafa and the other manasik obeying the command of Allah.(was commanded on the muslims since the 9th year from Hijra and was done in the 10th year).

Hijj is one of the five pillars of Islam upon the muslim, the adult, with sound brain, the free and with ability(not sick, not weak, without fear, without enough money and the woman without a husband or muhrim (trustful someone/relative)(as women are not allowed to travel more than 3 days without Muhrim) or protected group of female.

the goals of Hijj: 1) the gathering of muslims all over the world from east and west in one place for their benefits and positive energy(uniting their word, increasing their knowledge and brotherhood and so the good and progress). 2) Practical example of the equality between the people. and that the best of them is the one who is best in Ikhlas/sincerity, purity and good deeds. and there is no one in between Allah and His servant(no idols and no priests in between us and Allah). 3) A big worldly gathering/meeting as a preparing for the greatest meeting in the Last/Akhera/Afterworld. 4) Remembering our relation to Ibrahim and Ismail and Muhammad Sallah Allahou 3alayhim wa sallam and his companions. 5) leaving the clothes and wear the same cloth that we will use when we die, remembering our standing in front of the Lord (no difference between poor and rich, except with the taqwa/consciousness with Allah). 6) Controlling the ego and patience on hardship and overcoming the hard time for to pure the self from the sins.. and be thankful to Allah.

Pillars(most important rituals) of Hijj: -) Al Ihram: it is the intention in entering the Hijj (and it is called ihram(stop any unlawful) from haram/unlawful.. because it prevents any unlawful thing. -)shaving the hair and shortening and wearing the clothes. -) tawaf(ramble) el qodoum(coming) -)throwing the stones (ramyy el jamaraat) -) sleeping/camping a night in Menna. -) Tawaf(ramble) el efada -) Sa3y between Safa and Marwa mountains. -) Standing on mountain of Arafa in the day of Arafa. -) Al hadyy -) Tawaf el wada3(farewell)

Good luck in your presentation, and ask Allah to write/decree for me doing the Hijj and visiting the prophet 3alayhi el salaatou wassalam.

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