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how to pray witr?niyaat and the surahs?

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Salaah/rakaa el witr(=odd/single) is just one rakaa after Eisha(and before fajr. We should seal with it our prayers. It is sunnah muakkada/confirmed(prophet Muhammad was praying it every day).. in one of hadith he (salla Allahou 3alayhe wa sallam) said; "whoever do not witr is not from us".. so it is very important, thought it is not fard but the muslim who do not pray it will be blamed and the one who pray it will be rewarded. And prophet Muhammad used to say(and sorry for my poor translation), "Indeed Allah is witr(single), so do witr(choose odd in all your matters) o you the people of Quran." Prophet Muhammad used to do things three times as in Wuduu for example, and when he eats dates he eat 1 or 3 or 5 or 7...etc

Sobhan-Allah everything in this world is in couple, or in opposites, but only Allah is the one and single. He is Rabb el 3alameen(Lord of the two worlds).. male and female, night and day, heaven and earth, life and death, happiness and sadness, poor and rich, health and sickness, shayateen and angels, human and Jinn... Heaven and Hell.. But Only Allah is the single that has no similar nor even has an opposite. Azza wa Jalla Sobhanahou wa taala the Creator and inventor of everything.

Praying witr is like any prayer regarding niyaat and regarding reciting small sourah(like souraht al-ikhlass). some people combine it with Shaf3 prayer so they pray it three rakaa (2 shaf3 and 1 witr).. some others pray it 5 or 7 without sitting for tashahoud except in last and one before last rakaa. (and Allah knows better) Al Salamou alaikum

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