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As dating or having a girlfriend,is not allowed in Islam,what is the step,the procedure to take,before marrying? How will you know the behaviour of the person you want to marry,if she/he is ment for you,or will you just jump into a marriage without knowing alot of that person first.

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In Islam the families are involved in meeting the two together in supervised environment. I do and know that this is enough to know whether you want to marry him or her. As even spending days months will give you enough knowledge about his her deen character and wants to know if marriage is acceptable.Salam

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Sadie's answer is haqq. By meeting in a supervised environment, the man and the woman get to make observations about each other. The parents can talk as well and ask questions which are pertinent. Through such meetings, there are opportunities to find out information and observe character. The most reassuring aspect of the Islamic type introductions is the safe and relaxed environment within which they take place. I also know that unlike in the Western type dating scenarios, where sexual attraction plays the major role in two people basing their compatability on, in Islam, this is taken care of by Allaah SWT. In other words, if two people are satisfied that they have found the right partner, they can rest assured that AllaahSWT will make them compatible in intimate ways too. This intimacy grows in its uniqueness with each passing day, unlike the Western type marriage scenarios where the sexual desire for each other can wear off very quickly and plummet downwards. In Islam, if the two people are trully in worship of Allaah SWT, and have good faith by refering to Allaah throughout the day in their daily lives, He will return that many times over. Salaam and may Allaah SWT guide you and all of us.

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