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I am in search of some information pertaining to the Kaaba and its construction. Also, I would like to know why there seems to be no mention of Mecca or the Kaaba in the Bible. If someone can shed some light on this for me I would appreciate it..

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Thank my friend . I appreciate your feedback and information you provided . I will continue to research these topics , as I have many questions that have yet to be answered .

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Is anyone aware that in The Old test, In hebrew, Gods name was so sacred that no one dared to speak of it. even to this day no one really knows what name moses or abraham was calling to. There were many ways God (our Father) name was said. for all We know it could have well been Allah. Also The scripture say that all churches work towards the same goal. revelations never says you will get to the promised land by your faith, It states we will be judged by our works, Good Deeds as Muslims would say.

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Interesting point my friend . Could you provide your source scriptures . I would like to reference them .

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you have missed the entire point of god sending them down when you say that, Allah sent them down to be an example for us and if a person is sent as an example its so everything they do is an example, we were made to worship allah and the main example these prophets came down to convey was the message of worship not their paitence and devotion, they are people to take lessons of patience and devotion but thats not what their whole lifes existance and message supposed to amount to its the worship of allah why else would we be given so much blessings, made the best way possible, and given our freedom, but frankley people abuse this and thank the idols or the devil himself instead these prophets were sent to show us to the right path and their can only be one right path and by following them we are on the right path not worshipping them its like saying acting like god and trying to create a human being is worshipping them instead its a huge sin to think your just as able as Allah is thats why we are sent people as we are to follow and its funny how you say muhammad was a mere man becasue he truley wa he wasent a supernatural being and this shows that we can all follow his ways we werent sent an impossible task to try to prove were worthy as you say thats not why we follow them its so we can follow the right path to worship allah thank allah what we were given and fufill our duties as a human beings now why we put muhammad in high esteem is because he is a role model for us we arent worshipping him he refused to be drawn or given a detailed description in fear that people might try to worship him instead, he refused to have his grave in a mosque in fear people will be praying on him and to him instead of to allah we do not worship our prophets in any way but follow them to be what our lord directed us to be, loyal servents to them in exchange we have an easy life and the best afterlife. you said somthing about your supposed to just take their example and put it into daily life aand if their example is praying how come that isnt being put into daily life te act of worship is better than anything you listed a thirst for knowledge patience, devotion the best is prayer and yet you completly leave it out even though its above the other acts. And if muhammad is just a man and nothing more how do you describe a prophet do they have to be magical and extra ordinary, the fact that muhammad devoted his life to the worship of god is nothing special to you. your the one who said that each person has their own worship to god. is muhammads the only one you belive is wrong? is it not possible that you put his example of patience, or his thirst for knoledge, his devotion, his military excellence, his kindness, his fairness, his truthfulness, his strenth, his wit, why is it that he has all these qualities and even a book about influential people he is listen #1 and you find nothing to lern frombim you claim to be a truth seeker and you say everyone can worship their own way and people should take examples of people and not folow it to the last point and yet you completeley disregard the greatest man, he had the best example to follow, the best method of praying. and then in the end you think everyone has the right way of worship but then you critizie ours which one is it, is everyone right, or eveyone but the muslims, you seem to have grown a hatred for our religion even more than somone who would worship an idol

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NesreenA - Thank you for your response . I think it was very imformative . . . However , it still seems as though "the prophet Muhammad" is supposed to take the place of Jesus (in one way or another). I mean are you actually Paying Attention To What It Is You Read ?? .... or , am I not giving this subject its proper attention ?? ... Perhaps it is Myself who is Lost ...

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th prophet muhammad isnt supposed to take the place of jesus they both conveyed the same message we put jesus in high esteem too its just that the leader of our ummah or nation is prophet muhammad but his nation saw him as we see muhammad each nation sees their prophet as a role model the prophet muhammad was supposed to be a seal of the prophets he wrapped everything up and gave us the final message and allah made sure it was the one to stay since it was perfected within h=the quran but we belive jesus will come back and show us the right path and reveal the true religion

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Auzubillahimisyaitanirajim.. Bismillahirahmanirahim.. I agree with the answer, sir Al Ummah. from what I heard from my grandfather, Ka'abah built by Prophet Ibrahim a.s and his son Prophet Ismail as the command of Allah Ta'ala. before Ka'abah are constructed, in the days of Prophet Adam a.s already stands a column level and Allah commanded Adam to perform the Tawaf around the pole level. to know more, I suggest you study the Quran Nul-Karim further. InsyaAllah .. you will find the answer you have been looking for. Amin. Wallahutaalaalam.

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Auzubillahirahmanirahim. Bismilahirahmanirahim. confusedsoul we as muslim are not worship the Kaabah. The Kaabah itself is the direction for us given by Allah Azza wa Jalla to worship Him. He The Almighty The Creator of all creation is to be worship. Not the creation of human being like the statues or the animal statues. Who create us? Prophet Adam AS and Hawa RA a.k.a Eve ? Who create Prophet Muhammad SAW he also a human being like us. Prophet Isa AS a.k.a Jesus Christ? All the living things in this world? The trees, the oceans, the animals? You? From where you came from? Is it suddenly? Think deeply my friend. InsyaAllah you will find the answer of all in this world by yourself. :) waAllahutaalaalam.

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And about the bible, how many version of bible do you all have?

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If Abraham had built the Kaabah it would be in the Bible, it is not there. I have one King James, that I dont read because the language is out dated I also have an American standard that has more updated language and one Quran in english. Now we have the internet so it replaces all books.

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Okay Athanasius, now think about Al-Quran is there any version of it or the meaning of all Al-Quran in this world have different meaning? Different verses?

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The Quran was written "or given" by one man and in the context of time, quite recently. Whereas the Bible was written over thousands of years by many people, even so it tells one story, I think that in and of itself is amazing. The Quran can mean different things to different people and the meanings can be changed by the Mullah, also there are the Sunnah, scholors had to work over these to determan the truth of them. The Bible is quite plain about lying, it comes from satan and is not permitted for any reason ever. In the quran its OK if your lying to an unbeliever. So "what is truth".

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Yes Athanasius, Al-Quran is new because it was revealed to The Chosen One The Final and our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. And Injil a.k.a Bible was before Al-Quran, was revealed to our beloved Prophet Isa AS a.k.a Jesus Christ already there before Al-Quran and been write by many people like you said, so its have different version and as i know their are not the same any more. waAllahutaalaalam. Al-Quran is pure. There no conspirasy or nonsense in it. It tell the story of islam and who is Allah SWT. There's no verse in Al-Quran to teaching muslim to tell lie/lying. If i want to lie to you my friend, i would tell you that im a prophet. But im not.Auzubillahiminasyaitanirrajim. Astagfirrullahalazim. My name is Muhammad Izammudin Bin Ismail. Im born in Malaysia. Im a normal person like you my friend. Same like all Prophets and the beginning of mankind, our beloved father Prophet Adam AS. So its mean we all are related, brothers/sisters. Sunnah is Rasulullah SAW is Al-Quran. So its the same. And 'the truth' is we all gonna die someday and 'the key' to the heaven is "LA ILA HA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH".

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When was Abraham and Ishmael ever in Mecca ??

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Who Say Mohammud was a REal prophet, Other than himself?

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In response to the question about Jesus: At John 10:30, Jesus says, “I and the father are one.”

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who is father?

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