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I am in search of some information pertaining to the Kaaba and its construction. Also, I would like to know why there seems to be no mention of Mecca or the Kaaba in the Bible. If someone can shed some light on this for me I would appreciate it..

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Thank my friend . I appreciate your feedback and information you provided . I will continue to research these topics , as I have many questions that have yet to be answered .

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confused soul.You spoke of the promise through Isaac not Ishmael. I think your mistaken if you rread Gen.21v.13&18 the son of the bondwoman (Haggar) was Ishmael was promised to make him a great nation. Who cares what material the Kaba was made. If pagans can build works like the great pyramids, Easter island where thousand pound statues were moved and carved. What works are possible with Gods help. During the ascention of Prophet into Heaven the hypocrates critisized and made fun of him. Except his true followers who knew he was Sadduqul Amin (Truthful Honest.) Ask a preacher about Beth-El maybe he can help u out. I spoke of the unifing Factor of Abraham and u asked about stone??????????

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the promise was with Isaac and his descendents as long as they keppt the covenent with God this is why many prophets were sent to the nation of Israel because God choose them for his message but they mocked at, killed, and disrespected their messengers including our beloved prophet Jesus pbuh. He even became frustrated with them enough so that this gentle turn the other cheek messenger told them you are as asses even worse, remember the quote why do you say i blaspheme by saying a am the son of God when you think you are Gods. As for the original building material who knows when I was there it was made out of stone, brick. The ancient way was to mix straw mud and sun dry,maybe thats what it was made of. The important thing is no other religion has such an impressive gathering of people from such diverse backrounds for no other purpose than pay tribute to and thank their creator; following the tradition started by Abraham and Ishmael. Only stone and idol worshipers would care what materials Beth-El (gateway to heaven) was made of.

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First off "newmo123" .. the name calling needs to stop . I am neither an idol or stone nor any other form of idol worshipper . You do not know me . I have not and will not disrespect anyone on this site . So do not disrepect me again . As I've stated previously , I am merely in search of "TRUTH" .. and if you cannot provide any positive form of feedback , then I would suggest you find another question to give your (2)cents to . It's very simple , if you do not know an answer to a specific question , then do not answer .

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@confusedsoul: because muhammad was sent as the seal of the prophets allah gave him the last orders to mankind if you belive in one prophet you should belive in all of them because they were sent by god and muhammad conveyed the message to us to cover ourselves pray, give charity, and preform hajj and we belive the other prophets did pray so if you follow the prophets example in our eyes their example was to pray allah just gave muhammad the orders of how often to pray the direction and times as a mercy to us it is an easier guide the prophets,for example david, used to pray half the night and this is much too difficult for those who arent as great as they were but this is were the differences of christians and muslims and truth seekers kicks in its what example to follow we all know we should follow allah and his messangers but who were they and what was their example is somthing each of our religions explains to us and each has differences but we belive in ours as strongly as you belive in yours as the quran says(in translation) "I do not worship what you worship,and you do not worship what i worship you have your religion and i have mine" even our holy books state that mankind will always have difference in opinion and you dont belive in muhammad or the way the prophets used to worship allah in our eyes so you say why cant i just follow abrahams and moses example when in truth they did follow what we follow just more extreme so go for it pray half the night fast every other day and remember god at every moment this is the example they gave the example of islam

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so you speak of people doing more not being better than those who do less and yet you still say monks and nuns are better than me the difference is that if somone told you to do somthing a specific way and you did it exactly as they wanted you to they will be pleased if another tries to do what you told them and does it wrong but more often why would you be pleased they still didnt listen to you even as they watched the other person do it the correct way and ridiculed them for doing so and being arrogent for doing more in an inncorect matter they arent better at all but worse

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I am sorry mellowone I didn’t mean to call you an idol worshipper it was a bad example maybe someone who was a mason and was obsessed with the tools of his trade u know sand brick stone gravel etc. I never intended to disrespect you in any way . I tried to explain the significance of the kaba which you inquired about but didn’t know you were a seeker of “TRUTH” I didn’t understand what you wanted to know. Now it is clear to me, Please accept my apologies. The explaination will follow: And confusedsoul \Wouldn’t it be great if we all could follow the same prophet. Just imagine a peaceful religious world where we all shared the same philosophy and beliefs. But let me ask you this question why didn’t the Hebrews of Jeruselem accept Jesus as Messiah. Maybe he didn’t meet their standards. What ever the reason their still waiting. On the same note why didn’t the Christians accept Muhammed when Jesus said when asked “art thou that Prophet” and he replied truly Elias must come first. I don’t know what this means but the answer was not Yes. Proving there is someone else coming. This was the purpose of Muhammed. He was the only one to say I am the seal of the Prophets. To unite religion (Please read the new post in the main page the prophets last sermon) To return mankind to the worship of One Almighty Creator. So here goes, the stone in which you were so inquisitive about. Some say it was a meteorite from heaven. Other traditions say it was a brought by angel Gabriel from heaven to Muhammed.. It was placed in the corner of the Kaba, it is tradition to rub and kiss the stone. It is important to note one of the companions made a speech to the stone something to the effect of (paraphrased) I don’t know why I am doing this I know you are only a stone you have no power to benefit me or harm me and if I didn’t see the prophet doing this he wouldn’t do it.. Allah said in the Quran follow the Prophet in him you have an excellent example to follow. But to suggest to any Muslim there is any correlation between worshipping in the direction of (towards not to) the kaba and idol worship is sheer confusion. It would be as ignorant a statement as someone saying Jews come to pray to the Wailing Wall, or Moses climbed Mt Sinai to pray to a blazing tree, or Christians actually worship the wooden cross or Jesus went into the garden of Gethsemane in Mathew26v.39 when he fell on his face and prayed was worshipping the trees and flowers.. These are special places where God is more attentive and responsive to prayer. Remember the example of Beth-El. This is what the Kaba is to Muslims. It stands for the struggle Abraham went through using his own logic and reason deduced the logical existence of one God in an atmosphere of Pagan traditions even arguing with his own parents. And I read somewhere the biggest sin is to live in ignorance of God. There is no part of the day when a Muslim isn’t thinking of praying dawn, just afternoon, late afternoon, evening and nite. Although the emphasis is on praying on time, most people agree they can be made up at a later time, the real problem is believing anything in this worldly life is more important than Gods call. And if a non Muslim like Mickel H.Heart can rank Muhammed as the Most Influential Man in History why not repeat his name as much as I can

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I would like to suggest that because Mecca was a center of commerce prior to Mohammad's influence, there should be some record outside of Saudi Arabia, of the Kaaba being built. Any records held by the Muslims will be a reflection of there view of history and any records by the pagans were probably destroyed, or hidden, in the wars that Muhammad waged on Mecca. One possibility could perhaps be China?

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when you pray what do you face a wall, a bed? even in an empty space eventually a tree or a wall of some sort is in your way why isnt this considered a form of idolitry when we pray your going to eventually face somthing so why shouldnt we place the holiest place on earth instead a place where all the prophets have been and Allah has dubbed the holy city idolitry as you get from the name is when you pray to an idol beliving its your lord do i think that building is my lord? no i dont, i belive it was blessed by my lord as was the rock it has gotten the closest to the lord of all things in this planet and we are so grateful that it has been sent as a sign, but am i worshipping the stone? no when you worship somthing you need intention you dont just look like your doing somthing, if somone stands on a rug is he praying? no he must have the intention of doing so wouldnt you know a little somthing about intention and trying your the one who always says you pray your own way and it dosent involve what we do dont you use the intention of praying and not the moves as we do you always say stuff and yet you dont use the meaning

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@nesreenA, i could have doubt ur gender claim but i have no reason to do that because muslim should nt do unnecessary check on other muslims, may ALLAH increase ur knowlege.

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