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Praying Janaza

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Janaza=funeral. Yes! salaht/prayer el janaza is a fard kefaya on all the muslims including women when some muslim(man or women) die.

Fard kefaya means that it is a must that at least one muslim do it. by another word, if one muslim man/woman do it then it is sufficient/enough.

soubhan Allah! the muslim when he is born his parents will whisper azan(call for time of prayer) in his right ear and iqama(call for establishing the salah) in the left ear and then the salah is established when he/she is dead.. it is like as if our life in this world was like waiting the salah on us to be established and its duration is like the time between iqama and the salaah, how short!! Soubhan Allah el 3azim wa be7amdouh.. May Allah let our end from this word be good, and our best deeds be the seals of it.. and our last word is "laa ilaha illa Allah".. and our best day is the Day when we return back to our Rabb(the creator the provider the kind the guide...) and our last du'aa is elhamdoulellahi Rabbel 3alameen.

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