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while praying (salat) someone call the name of the prophet Muhammed (SAW) will i say P.B.U.H. while am still on prayer or i should continue praying because someone told me that it a must for a muslim to say Peace be unto the Prophet wherenever he heard the name.

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Yes sister, prophet Muhammad told us that "the most stingy is the one that I mentioned at him and he did not send salah(of Allah) upon me."

But while establishing prayer in front of Allah we should be totally focusing with Allah and do not listen something else.

and do not forget that we already while praying in the tashahoud part we send once salaam to him when saying; "Al Salamou 3alaika ayyoha en nabey wa rahmatoullahi wa barakaatouh." and then we send the salaah when saying, "Allahumma salli 3ala Muhammad wa 3ala aali Muhammad kama salayta 3ala Ibrahim..."

also some people used to say in the first tashahoud after saying "Ash-hadou anna la ilaha illa Allah wa ash-hadou anna Muhammadan Rasouloullah..' and before standing for the third rakaa, they send salah upon him because his name was mentioned in "Muhammad Rasouloullah".

Allahoumma Salli 3ala sayidina Muahammad 3abdika wa nabiyyika wa Rasoulika, en nabbiy-il Ommeyi, wa 3ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallim.

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