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It is permissible to buy used household items and furniture like dining table from hindu family?

Please advice as i have recently bought a dining table from hindu family who were using it for last two years and now i am worried if i have done something wrong.

Plz advice.


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nothing wrong with such a trade brother. may Allah bless(increase from good) to you. Salaam

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make dua for the people you boughit is from whenever you buy something you enter into a relationship with the previous owner and this could curse some aspects of your spiritual life it is quite normal to make das for financial transactions by the way have you heard where there's smoke there's fire and honey to the bee apologies but these are the right words at the current stage

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Dear brother happy muslim,

When i read the reply from the first brother , i was satisfied that it is all ok. However, with your response, now im feeling that it isnt. Can you please clarify your answer a bit??

Thanks alot for your help.

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Salam Questioner123,

Brother Inclined2truth is correct. There is nothing wrong with the trade you describe.

There is indeed a relationship between a buyer and a seller. It’s called the customer-supplier relationship. It is pure business, and takes place countless times a day within and between all countries, faiths and cultures. There is nothing mystical or spiritual about it.

Enjoy your furniture, and may Allah (Subhana wa Ta'ala) give you and your family peace and happiness for all of your days.

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