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assalamu alaikum..i m muhammad sajid frm problem started in oct-nov.of 2012.on 7 oct.i was blessed with a baby boy(shukrallah)...we were very happy but soon we got a car accident on 23 nov 2012 while going to sisters home.vehicle was completely damaged but blessings of Allah saved us all.thenafter conflict got worsen between my sister and her husband which was started 4-5 yrs back..he thinks we did some kind of black magic over him so he is sufferring from he used to torture feb.2013 my son got some respiratory infection and got admitted in hospital..husband of my sister is drunkard.he told her that if she delivers a male child this time he will think of quitting drinking and thats the blessing of Allah she delivered a baby boy on 20 august 2013.on the same day my son started high grade fever admitted and recovered in 7 days but the next day he was discharged again he got high grade fever and once again had to hospitalised for 7 days..he got discharged on 14 september.and on the 4th day he is suffering from cold...he is very cute and playful in spite of being feverish.our maid says is suffering because of "baddnazar"..please guide me..

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Salam Akhi. May Allah help you. This life is a test, and he tests the ones he loves. Constant dua is the best solution for something like this. Every day, as much as you can, make dua for Allah to help you. Praise him before and during your duas, believe it will be accepted, and never stop making it. Insha'Allah you are relieved of this hardship

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