Ok to explain my problem... I have to start of 3.5 years ago... There was a girl I fell in love with 3.5 years ago... I loved her with all my heart... Even after four years I still love her.... I never talk to her because I am too shy to.. But I always chat with her... I told her that I love her... Don't get me wrong... I wasn't intrested in a boy girl relationship.. You may find it hard to believe... But my niyah was that if he loves me... Then she will remember me when get to marriageable age... But the problem is that she never loved me.... She had a boyfriend who broke up with her..... I am crying basically everyday because of this.... For the past four years I've bought gifts for her on eids and her birthday but I could never give it to her.... So it is just lying in my friends house.... I prayed on kaabah a cloth with all my heart to make her love me.. And nothing happened.... And next yet I prayed on kaabah with all my heart to make me forget her but till nothing happens... But it is still my prayer to forget her everyday but I can't.... I tried not chatting with her or looking at her pictures for my whole two month vacation but I started to miss et more... I really do not know what to do.... She doesn't love me at all whatever I do for her... I really do not know why to do here... And currently right now I am 15 years old.... Many people tell me to concentrate on studies... Plz don't say that.. I already know.. Tell me something new to do... I am crying very day for her... It hurts alooot... But I am still able to accept her anytime... PlEase help me... And yes she is a muslim and she wears hijab and prays alas namaz on time (including fajr)

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I don't think anyone can give proper answer until and unless they are in situation as I am in... No offence.. But only one brother was in the same situation

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