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Salam I was in London 2years back for the purpose of studying & there i bought a mobile in installment for two years including monthly phone bill but i had to come back in my home country due to visa was one year of the installment which i paid duly but when i had to come back and i couldn't pay the rest of the installment as i didn't have the whole amount of rest one year installment with me at that time and there was no provision of returning the phone. so i had to come back without paying the rest of the installment. I could not pay from my home country as the company used to collect the money from my London bank account. now my question is what should i do as I am well aware that I am in debt with the phone company.Please help me with a solution based on Islamic law.

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, Brother, please refer to as this is what you need to read to understand the serious nature of debt. Having read the information contained within this reference, you can forward a cheque to the phone can find their postal address on the web in case that you have not retained any bills from the past. Failing this, you can email the company and come to some type of an arrangement to pay it off in installments. The seriousness of having debts is too weighty so make an effort to remove this calamity from you. You will sleep better and rest easy knowing it is out of the way. May Allaah SWT assist you in removing this worry from your mind. Sallaam.

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