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i married my husband although i don't love him.its for family sake.not to hurt that time also i loved someone else and he tried to stop me from getting married.but i did so and i couldn't hurt family.Now i m trapped in this .i can't love my husband and hating every fault of him every day and comparing him with my love.I wanna be with with the one i love.i see myself with him only.Its so hard to live in this situation.i asked for divorce but my husband is not ready to give.what shall i do ..being married i m unable to let go of my love and i can't tell the truth to my husband as he would act mean.hes quite rude person.i want to tell him truth rather being in this.i wanna be a good person.i wanna be loved by allah.i don't want to be a person who cheat husband. i feel i would away from all this sins after getting divorce.i dotn care how much i am gonna go through after divorce.i just wanna be away from all this sins .i have tried to end this affair many time.but he kept reminding the remises i made and telling he would leave dis world if leave him.i know it would hard to live witht him.he is much kinder and we have good connection dan my husband and me have hardly enough to talk.nothing common. please show me a way ..or any supplication which would help me in this situation.i wanna know for all this i prefer to live with my love.but as i fear allah i tried to end it many times and be faithful to my husband. but i could not do cos of him.i don't know whether to tell truth to him.I knw if i tell he would leave me and will humiliate me to whole would shatter my family and his family and mane I'm too.i m not doin this on purpose.i regret this everyday and ask allah to save me from this and hell fire and all sins.i tired to be with him ..but its so hard .. please help me

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Salam, Sister,

Tell your husband the truth. Both of you deserve nothing less.

It will be hard for both of you (and for your families); but far better than the endless pain of living in a lie.

May Allah (Subhana wa Ta'ala) give both of you the courage you need.

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