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Few years back i commented on a post of one the Islamic Pages on Facebook, one girl saw my comment and she sent me the friend request. I accepted her n we began chatting but very rarely and that too for few minutes. We have never talked on phone and neither she has shared her pics and nor i. I always used to guide her to the righteous path. I always tell her to pray all 5 prayers and Alhamdulillah she have started praying all 5 salats. We never have any bad intention and she has made me promise that this relationship will never turn into that boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

We always guide each other to good things, and i constantly tell her bout Quran and Sunnah Alhamdulillah. I wanted to ask you is this relationship also not allowed in Islam? Please answer my question in the light of Quran and Sunnah and in detail coz m very keen if i am doing right or wrong.

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Please answer my question... really need ur views

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your doing a good thing by helping someone about Islam and the religion so that's good just watch out if anything goes serious you have to slow down or stop

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TherE is never 2 people alone except the third is shaytan. Its best not engage in these things minimal contact should be via email. There are plenty of female scholars so she will have no problem finding answers

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