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sometimes my wife says stuff like "I don't like stuff" and "who are you to fight with me" so should I see a marriage counsellor with her or not also should I stay silent as in zakariya " don't leave the mosque for a number of days and offer repentance" also she said "I would be happy to" so I have one good thing on my side

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Your an interesting fellow. Salaam

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And then some! Salam, Sadie. I hope you are well.

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If she wants to see a marriage counsellor and you want to see a marriage counsellor, then you should see a marriage counsellor!

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It's normal to fight with your friends and even more with your love ones.

I remembered some stories of Sahabat who's going to another Sahabat (Saidina Umar if I'm not mistaken), for some consultation about his argument with his wife but turned our that Umar was being scolded at that time by his wife - you may search for these stories my friend.

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fair enough for my wife to be interested in the finer things in life bought her really fast classical music "flight bumblebee"

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don't fight with your wife or leave her just be there and support her if she says her opinions just agree with her cause being a mother or a wife is a very hard job and allah will forgive you and help her

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