Can I give zakat to Syed family or Syed community guy? As I heard we are not supposed to give zakat to Syed family or community members. So what extent it is true? Please let me know correct answer.

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you should follow this verse of Holy Quran. Surah Al-Touba Verse # 60 May Allah guide us through the right path. (Amin)

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Walikum assalam Bhai,

First of all I am very much thankful to you !!

The verses of the Holy Quran says the following.

Surah Al-Touba Verse # 60

As a matter of fact, Zakat collections are only for the needy and the indigent, and for those who are employed to collect them and for those whose hearts are to be won over and for the ransoming of slaves and for helping the debtors and for the way of Allah and for the hospitality of the wayfarers. This is an obligatory duty from Allah: and Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

I understood that irrespective of the caste and community we can donate our zakat to any of the people who falls in the above verses of Quran. Correct me if Iam wrong...thanks in Advance. Allah Haafiz.

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You are not wrong, brother.


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